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Nina Jones – Aussie Head Count


Canon 6998:
No judge, magistrate or justice of the peace may adjudicate any matter of law within a competent forum of law or oratory unless they are presently a valid Trustee under Oath and secondly prepared to demonstrate under Oath the exemplary character of a valid Trustee or valid Fiduciary:(i) As a valid Oath is required to create and sustain the Office judge, or magistrate or justice of the peace, the absence of a valid Oath of Office means such a person is the worst kind of imposter and without any legitimacy whatsoever; and(ii) As any adjudication concerning rights or property requires exemplary character, any judge, magistrate or justice of the peace that is unwilling or refuses to be entrusted under Oath by all parties to perform in good faith, good character and good conscience is not a valid Fiduciary.The disregard to such a fundamental principle is the admission of the absence of any proper Rule of Law, Justice or Due Process.

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Sue Jess
They’ll just do it regardless. If you protest they’ll just throw you in jail. It’s such bullshit. We need a bill of rights and that’s the only thing that can save us. Just my opinion having looked at a lot of posts in groups the past week. We are getting nowhere…FAST.

Nina Jones
There’s more to it than that, this is just some of the canons I’ve been reading… A sacred oath is only one to god, they have statutorised oaths now too (well long ago) so bankers etc could hold trusts.But they cannot, even by their own canons, hold our trusts or be trustees, especially the Vatican.

Nina Jones
This goes for ALL oath takers, unless its to God, they’re all invalid.

Justin Lee Bolton
I’m a Protestant, so I’ve always known the Catholic Church is corruption at its core! ‘Take God out of the constitution- and tyranny steps in'”I think a bill of rights just gives more power to the globalists and socialist elites”

Sidney Keenan Mytton-watsonI don’t look at the name of the church, if the flesh and blood believe in Jesus, they are my friend.Like · 2 · 5 hours ago

Justin Lee Bolton
The kingdom of God is within you, and all around you. I just think the Catholic Church, and the real estate/ capital it holds…, says a lot about the donations they are given- and where they end upLike · 3 hours ago

Paul KuhnNina – can you quote your source?Like · 2 hours ago

Nina Jones
Ucadia Blog: The destruction of Trust by nihilists and bankers: Why the restoration of Oaths and…blog.ucadia.comUnlike · 1 · 1 hour ago

Nina Jones
Knowing God doesn’t have to have anything to do with Religion Unlike · 2 · 1 hour ago

Nina JonesIt all changes at Canon 7000: to suit those that wanted to ‘obtain’Unlike · 1 · 1 hour ago

Sidney Keenan Mytton-watsonI AGREE that the money that is taken in by the RC church is not right. But, human beings as they are operate from such a bent. I choose to tythe to whom and werever. I also do my checks to see where the tythe goes to. I most certainly do not support paying for purgatory. You had better have sorted out your relationship with God BEFORE YOU LEAVE this planet. AS for me, I KNOW from scripture, that God’s promise to me is for Eternity. Jesus said that He has prepared a House for me for ever. He died for me and I accepted His gift of his death. That is all that I need to do, same for you.Like · 1 · 52 minutes ago

Nina JonesIt is the Vatican that hold our Birth Certificate Trust.By their own Canon, this is wrong for them to do so.Canon 6997:When a person who claims to be a Trustee, but evidence exists of one or more of the following elements, then such a person is an imposter with no such Office or Trust existing:(i) Where a person belongs to a religion, society, entity or order that is recorded as performing any formal or sacred ritual to repudiate Oaths or Vows made in the past or into the future; or(ii) Where a person belongs to a religion, society, entity or order that requires the making of one or more Oaths or Vows that are contradictory to the Golden Rule and Rule of Law, Justice and Due Process; or(iii) Where a person belongs to a religion, society, entity or order that requires the making of one or more Oaths or Vows that result in behavior that results in less than exemplary character of honesty and fidelity and the disregard of good faith, good character and good conscience; or(iv) Where one or more of the criteria for the valid creation of the Office of Trustee does not exist.Like · 35 minutes agoNina JonesThe Trustee has to make a ‘Sacred Oath’ FOR the Trust individually.Canon 6996:The Office of Trustee can only exist and be valid if all the following criteria exist:(i) The Trustor has the proper authority to grant, donate, assign or delegate the property for the proposed Trust; and(ii) Clear purpose, intent and terms for the proposed Trust exist; and(iii) Certainty of subject matter (the property) exists for the proposed Trust exists; and(iv) The candidate for Trustee comes with good faith, good character and good conscience; and(v) The candidate for Trustee accepts the position with full knowledge of the terms and obligations; and(vi) The candidate makes a formal sacred oath to a higher Divine power upon a sacred object representing the form of law connected to such higher Divine power, before witnesses; and(vii) The event of making such a formal sacred oath is memoralized into some document, that itself is signed, sealed and executed.Like · 31 minutes agoNina JonesCanon 6996; (ii) is what has NOT been revealed, but most certainly CONCEALED and USED for dishonourable purposes.Like · 28 minutes ago

Nina Jones
So it appears (and as it should be) no position of authority or power SHOULD EXIST unless their is a Sacred Oath to God only… This is the core principle of all good faith, that clearly has been twisted over the centuries to suit the corrupt. Setting up their own systems to suit themselves, while pretending to hold a position of honour and good will for all peoples.Edited · Like · 23 minutes ago

Nina Jones
Here’s some others Sittingstone Australia,Put them in order (unlike what I have done  ) paints a completely different picture of how those that ‘APPARENTLY’ serve us, should be doing it… Forget any oath of office or to the queen etc. all positions are unlawful globally.Unlike · 1 · 5 minutes ago

Sittingstone Australia
Exactomundo Nina Jones it is a true honour to know you and to have made your aquaintance. Where 2 or more come together in The Divine Creators Name there The Divine Creator is amongst them…☆☆☆♡♡♡★★★;-)


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