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☆Gordana’s Post☆


Those with friend in Washington need to alert them right now.

Washington Emergency!

The Dam above the Hanford Nuclear Sites Has Developed a Giant Crack.

Any living below the damn should evacuate!!




Fluoridated Water
Another Hidden Source of Radioactive Polonium

The Hidden Threat of Radioactive Fertilizer Contamination Research suggests that it’s the radiation from these fertilizers that appear to cause the most lung damage, and are the primary cause of cancer in smokers.3, 4, 5 In fact, polonium is the only component of cigarette smoke shown to produce cancer in laboratory animals.6 As noted in a 2009 study:7 “In a person smoking 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes per day, the radiation dose to the bronchial epithelium in areas of bifurcation is 8000 mrem per year — the equivalent of the dose to the skin from 300 x-ray films of the chest per year.” According to a 2011 report published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research,8 secret internal documents obtained from the major tobacco industries in 1998 reveal that the industry was well aware of the presence of this radioactive element in cigarettes as early as 1959. “Acid wash was discovered in 1980 to be highly effectively in removing polonium-210 from the tobacco leaves; however, the industry avoided its use for concerns that acid media would ionize nicotine converting it into a poorly absorbable form into the brain of smokers thus depriving them of the much sought after instant ‘nicotine kick’ sensation,” the researchers noted. The report concluded that “the evidence of lung cancer risk caused by cigarette smoke radioactivity is compelling enough to warrant its removal.” Now, if tobacco leaves become a source of cancer-causing radioactivity due to the fertilizers used, what about food grown with these phosphate fertilizers? Remarkably, according to a report by the Florida Institute of Phosphate Research,9 American meat products and dairy may expose your organs to radiation doses that are equivalent to the dose received by smokers via cigarette smoke. I bet that might come as a huge shock to you. Fluoridated Water—Another Hidden Source of Radioactive Polonium <<

Radioactive Fertilizer
The Surprising Primary Cause of Lung Cancer in Smokers

radioactive fertilizer articles@


“I think that if consciousness changes reality, we all need to make a very conscious effort to change our reality by changing our belief system from victim, or defense ( attacker) or rescuer. Please watch the introduction videos to this great website, they are free and astoundingly revealing to your own mindset. 


Experiments have been done in the past where a substantially large group of Buddhist monks got together in Washington and the crime rate dropped considerably during the time of those prayers and meetings. We need to do the same with understanding ourselves through the triangle of the victim perpetrator and come together with like mindedness to change the outside reality of what is happening in the world. What we resists persists!” by David John

Thank you David  , heard of this long ago but this article is very well written adding depth to what I learned , enjoying the videos now   — with Val and 17 others.

The Three Faces of Victim

Gordana with Cory Cami and15 others

SPC Ardmona destruction was staged. Am I wrong? Or missing some major point?According to some engineers I know, the problem happened when coca-cola bought out SPC Ardmona then never had the machinery upgraded or repaired properly and its all run down.

Some further facts we do know are:They are fully financial to fix the problem obviously, however they wanted to destroy the industry, not only so we become more depended on shoddy poor quality imports (for the poorer), but again to destroy the farmers (as they did in the drought with lack of water subsidy by our own gov etc). 

All for the land take-over I believe.

Noticed how the miner got billions in bail out and notice how mining is trying to rip all resources even out of national heritage sites & Aboriginal Native Sacred Land or at the expense of the environment & even very rare species. 

Also take note they are making vaccines compulsory, like destroy health & life of present population decedents(heirs) & bring in a whole new load of immigrant poor slaves who know no better, who are just glad for a crust.

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Andrew J If you hear a car roar up your street and screech at the front of your house Gordana, do a quick Facebook update to let us know then… Run! Run like there’s no tomorrow… it’s the miners coming to get you!

Vee BlackCat Tee
just offer them some food 
CL Baines I think there should be clauses enforced on international companies who decide to operate in australia – you either make it work – improvements, new ideas/technology etc – or if you decide to close the company forfeits all assets to the government then put it up for tender to the farmers or what ever the business is with assessed business plans for a chance at increased (or ongoing/stable) employment in Australia.For the record – I agree with the government not bailing out companies – they need to rely on their own ideas for change, and for what is demanded – not the government.

Hanneke Thesame@ CL Baines, yes, I agree in principle with no bailouts. If manufacturing company goes broke through bad management, it’s what happens, you go broke. However, companies in Australia are going broke because of government policies allowing fruit and veg imports from other countries for which they even receive subsidies as encouragement. Free trade!!.. it works for those importing but not for Australian exporters because they are facing a barrage of red tape.Instead of subsidisng overseas growers, spend that money on Australian growers. Instead, Australian growers are encouraged to cut down their trees and orchards.Gordana hahahaha Vee BlackCat Tee … Yeah I could roast the fatted miner pigs & feed everyone … oh wow does that make me jesus now? lol
Gordana no .. not jesus , he did fish , all I have to dish up is rot

Mal DThere is math hidden behind this, someone profits at the expense of the producers & workforce around Shepparton should this close. What is most disgusting to me is the position of the federal govt, who presumably share in the profit when Aussie industries & primary producers are ruined in favour of profits for corporations & rich investors exploiting the 3rd world .

CL BainesI agree with what you’re saying Hanneke 

Gordana Janice right Mal Davies too and now we are the new third world shortly and then it goes round again I guess

Vee BlackCat Tee…dont forget the gravy Gordana 

Gordana Janice well we will have to eat something & corpies & bankers & polies look just about ripe .. yumm

Reese Archer All the analysing on this thread seems right on the spot (in my opinion too). Of course, they’re destroying our food production abilities in Australia. They’ve been doing this systematically for many years and the government lets them by allowing all the cheap imports through free trade. The global free trade agreements destroy countries. We should all buy Australian, but people out there do not always check where the product comes from. How many are oblivious to what’s happening? They don’t even think about what’s going to happen in the future when our farmers have sold off their land, or bulldozed the fruit trees, or worse – more and more gas fracking, which destroys farmland and the water table. If the current trend continues, we will have food products originating from different countries. We already see this in our supermarkets e.g. asparagus from Peru, baby corn from Thailand, oranges from the US etc. Many countries do no have the same laws and regulations as Australia, so we’re not guaranteed the food products are safe. We can of course still buy asparagus grown in Australia, but how long will this last. The same with so many other products. From what I’ve learned the last few years, countries and continents are being set up for different uses in the New World Order. China is the big producer of goods, India is the communication hub, Australia with its immense resources is the quarry etc. Their plans, Agenda 21, are that we in Australia have to buy all our foods from somewhere else. This ultimately leads to more control. That’s their plans. They will control people by controlling food.

Mal Davies Remember, say a generation or so ago, a lot of produce was sold the local co – operatives, especially in country towns. It gradually has largely disappeared, except for smaller scale farmers markets & boutique outlets, & I`d reckon that the growing dominance of the 2 major supermarket retailers has a fair bit to do with this. Again this is the lack of any community responsibility by greedy corporations & investors! Maybe it needs a co – operative style approach to retain & sustain Aussie agriculture & even Aussie manufacturing, however this also requires, that the greedy right wing ideology practices by the current federal govt, towards ‘free trade’ benefiting giant multinationals at the expense of everyone else, is changed, so that local industries & farms are not just destroyed to allow a free for, NOT ALL!

Reese ArcherCurrent or former government doesn’t matter – they’re all the same. The ones in control, hiding behind the curtain, are always the same. Exactly as in the USA.

Mal Davies I tend to agree Reese, those in control also control govts, however the current incumbents here in Aust seem particularly willing to be destructive, for the greater good of the few!

Vee BlackCat Teecontrol?…they have hijacked the system

Reese Archer Wasn’t it Paul Keating who signed the Lima Declaration and the Agenda 21? This without any referendum. If the people of Australia at the time would have KNOWN the future implications of this, they would never have voted yes to Agenda

Mal DaviesYep! They would think that they own the system, & can do whatever they like with it, or profit most from!

Mal DaviesKeating`s pure economics have been without any ethical concern for people, also think negative gearing to turn a family home into an investment & the cost to many now who cannot enter that marketplace, along with the sale of the Commonwealth Bank, allowing us all to be held to ransom by banks.

Reese Archer Gordana, thank you for posting your thoughts on SPCArdmona. I believe you hit the nail right on the head. It was easy for me not to see the whole ugly picture until I read what you had discovered by talking to the engineers. It’s so clear now and I think we will see more of this.

Reese ArcherIt’s always about connecting all the dots. We just have to find every single dot.

Reese Archer Politicians should work for the people and not for themselves and global mega corporations.

Reese ArcherGordana, look at what happens in Poland:

Help Save Polish Farmers from Land Grab – Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Gordana yo!!!! not just us & US … everywhere??

Reese Archer They’re going to control all food production and have the control of all water resources. The more we see every day, the closer it gets.

Franya Lummas And they are spraying our soil so we become Monsanto reliant because we can’t grow our own! 

creepy and obama already tried to ban your home grown organics too .. guess we are back to base one .. Iĺl make the gravy 

Reese ArcherAnd UN and their Codex Alimentarius also makes it illegal to grow our own, sell or barter. They’ve thought of everything to stop us from being healthy.

Vicki C Tuton Resistance is Not Futile!

Stone DustBasic herbs are going to become illegal also , , wot a but pain , , more issues , ,how can this be stopped , , with so many sleeper out there

Sittingstone Australia
We are here folks FascitZioAust INC as with america all industry exported to rising 3rd world ECONoMEis. We need to make a stand together through DIVESTMENT & Resistance in VICTORY OVER $Corporate tranny & state run oppression or we all hang inDIVID(E)ually. The time to rise is NOW in wat ever capcity is practical in relation to your circumstances…MUTINY YAAAAARRRRRHHHNeo-Fascismthe post-World War II rise of a movement whose principal aim is to incorporate the doctrines of fascism into existing political systems. — Neo-Facist, n.See also: Facisim
Sittingstone Australia

More intel @

“Turning Fiction Into Fact”

Gordana with Val Vildan Şevker



Radioactive Reality
06 January 2014

“Melting MOX fuel may lead to neutron flux blow-up

The Entire Pacific Ocean Is Broken

Newcastle yachtsman Ivan Macfadyen had sailed exactly the same course from Melbourne to Osaka, all he’d had to do to catch a fish from the ocean between Brisbane and Japan was throw out a baited line. … hardlya a sign of life now.”


Broken Ocean Assessment!!!

No sea birds, and hardly any fish at all left

Broken Ocean Assessment!!!

No sea birds, and hardly any fish at all left

Gordana with Val

During the conference, Suzuki said: “I have seen a paper which says that if in fact the fourth plant goes under in an earthquake and those rods are exposed, it’s bye bye Japan and everybody on the west coast of North America should evacuate.

Five Victorian men charged under Queensland bikie laws


Police have sounded a warning to members of interstate outlaw bikie gangs after charging five Victorian men under Queensland’s new anti-association laws.

The five bikies, including one man believed to be a Hells Angels Sergeant at Arms, were arrested on the Gold Coast on Sunday morning.

Full Article

Gordana with Val and 15 others.

The Metals Capturing Capacity discovery that protects you from toxic heavy metals

By TheHealthRangerJan 8, 20142,
471 views 200 likes, 2 dislikes

This mini-documentary features Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, announcing his discovery and documentation of the Metals Capturing Capacity of foods, botanicals, superfoods and dietary substances.

See parts 1 and 2 the precede this video at

MCC data is being published now at


Some Australian archeology

The Cave of Flying Orbs: Moving Light Energy Captured on Video!

8th January 2014
By Steven Strong
Contributing Writer
@Wake Up World

As I noted in an earlier Wake Up World article, a huge and rather tragic bushfire in the Blue Mountains region of NSW recently created easier passage through, and access to, all manner of archaeology in the area. As the silver-lining to otherwise dreadful circumstances, this opportunity allowed my team and I to seek out two of the many sites referred to us by Austrian archaeologist Klaus Dona.

The first site showed every indication it was exactly as Klaus described, and for now what we discovered is a work in motion and needs to be kept under consideration and in secret. But not so the second site; it demands a public ear.





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