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Alan Watt




We are truly into the age of chaos, long in the planning and written about openly by the big movers and shakers who lord over us.

Some of them, such as Brzezinski have described the coming effects on world-wide societies as akin to the vast population movements which occurred at the beginning of the industrial revolution.

After the unification of Europe was to follow the unification of the Americas with the resulting clash of cultures and the initial mayhem produced. People slept while the Free Trade Agreement and the subsequent NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) were discussed with deliberate minimum coverage by the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) controlled media. 

For those who wish to check, the publicly available censored version will see it has to do, in part, with THE FREE FLOW OF GOODS AND LABOR across traditional national boundaries. People are being encouraged to blame the effect (mass influx from south) and to completely forget the cause. Out of the mayhem will materialize, as if by magic, a new Constitution of the Americas.

This will be presented as the only reasonable and logical direction to go if we are all to live in peace and security.Coupled with this will come the announcement that every citizen of the Americas must accept an INTERNATIONAL Identity Card under the guise that authorities will be able to track criminal elements moving northwards.

The problem has been caused, the reaction is underway, and the solution will be presented. This is the standard Hegelian technique which never fails.

Alan Watt 2014 ARR
(Soon to be copied and spun by some well known author near you)


2 thoughts on “Alan Watt

  1. zorgon says:

    where did you go ? I hope Hamish is still ok and that you were not shut down but decided to take a break. Your site has not been updated in a long time. Its cold
    Stay warm. Things are going to get interesting this year I think it will bring revelations and the destruction of illusions. Slaves behave differently when they know they are slaves

    • machineheadmedia says:

      Hi zorg great comments however I am not Alan Watt I am just a devotee & student of Alan & his work. My site is a portal for all things truth reality & alternative based and as part of that Alan’s work is integeral. Alan I believe has step down from RBN & daily broadcasts to concentrate on his personal life and keeping the home fires burning as the world as we have known it spirals down the toilet for those who choose to wait for what is coming down the pike. Again thank you for your kind words as its pretty cold @ times without Alan and I always appreciate hearing from someone who understands & appreciates his work. Your with sincerity & respect j.sittingstone wiradjuriland Oceanic Union UCADIA @ ☆☆☆♡♡♡★★★ 😉

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