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By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey @Global Research 

In August this column ran a piece claiming that the Pacific Ocean was being poisoned by radioactive material escaping from Fukushima, two years after the devastating tsunami and meltdown at the Japanese nuclear facility. Three months later, shocking evidence points towards a calamity situation.Silence from the corporate media.There is growing evidence coming from numerous reports aired on social networks and the so-called social media, among which is the article “Radioactive Water From Fukushima Is Systematically Poisoning The Entire Pacific Ocean” (*), which claimed that every day and for 750 days (now over 800) tonnes of toxic materials have been pouring into the Pacific Ocean.The toxic substances were identified as Tritium, Cesium and Strontium, being carried far and wide by winds, rain and ocean currents, entering the food chain through seaweed and seafood, building up high levels of toxicity in the fish – and humans – at the top end of the consumption chain.TEPCO, or Tokyo Electric Power Company, the operator of the plant, admitted in August that between twenty and forty trillion becquerels of radioactive material have entered the Pacific Ocean after a security barrier had been breached. The same operator admitted that in just one week, in August, levels of Caesium-134 rose by 90 times and Caesium-137 rose by 86 times.Fresh research (**) provides a chilling reminder that this situation is serious, will not go away, is getting worse and cannot be swept under the carpet. This research points to “massive numbers” of sea creatures dying across the Pacific, and that high levels of Cesium-137 are present in “a very high percentage of fish” caught in this ocean “and sold in North America”.The research then moves on to refer to specific and unexplained incidents.

For example, the unexplained death of starfish off Puget Sound off Canada. The animals seem to be melting, a phenomenon observed elsewhere in Canadian waters. Divers spoke of live creatures literally disintegrating in front of them, in “massive numbers”.On to British Columbia, where abnormal behavior and an unusually high death rate has been observed among killer whales. The vocal communication among the animals has ceased, and in the last two years, seven matriarchs have died.

An Australian traveler sailing from Japan to California, USA, referred that it appeared the entire ocean was dead. All he saw was a whale rolling helplessly in the sea with a tumour on its head, and “for 3,000 nautical miles there was nothing to be seen”. No turtles, no sea birds, no dolphins, no sharks.[…]Read the full article at:


Fukushima World Warning!Spent Fuel Melt Down

Tepco annouces this Steam Cloud will move over the US in the next 2 Days. 

Fukushima World Warning

Leuren Moret Fukushima radiation genocide Much worse than we have been told

Leuren Moret Biography:
Independent Scientist; Expert Witness at the Tokyo International Tribunal for War Crimes in Afghanistan; Expert Witness on HAARP & En…

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Destruction of the BioSphere
Fukushima Roundtable


The biosphere is the global sum of all ecosystems. It can also be termed the zone of life on Earth, a closed system (apart from solar and cosmic radiation and heat from the interior of the Earth), and largely self-regulating. By the most general bio-physiological definition, the biosphere is the global ecological system integrating all living beings and their relationships, including their interaction with the elements of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. The Fukushima disaster threatens all life on our planet.

Thanks to Mark Snider of OhioExopolitics for publication permission and for hosting the broadcast with James C. Horak, Torz Baron-Copley and Mhairead McDonald.

For comments, info and more radio shows with James Horak visit the blog:

Fukushima Round Table Discussion 2

The cores on all three reactors melted down.These are the events that caused these reactors to melt down:

1. The water in the containment vessel evaporated because the pumps that keep the coolant water flowing were disabled by the flooding waters of the Tsunami;

2. The Nuclear fuel became uncovered and heated up to a temperature of 2,300 degrees Celsius.

3. The nuclear fuel melted and mixed with the materials in containment vessel;4. This melted core formed a magma called Corium which flowed down to the bottom of the reactor vessel.5. The corium pierced the containment vessel and fell on the concrete containment;Currently, we don’t know what quantity of corium has fallen? How deep did the corium pierced the concrete containment vessel?


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Iridium Superfly Inthesky:
Fukushima is a concern to all of us and rightfully so. It should not be about politics or money but how to save the planet and everything living on it and – FREE ENERGY, of course In case you are not yet aware of the efforts of MT KEshe…He posted the following on the Keshe Foundation forum on 12/28/13. MT Keshe: “The Fukushima situation has to be resolved now and not in the future and through a different channel than TEPCO.I have put all my effort in these holidays and have canceled everything even my holidays with my family to write and make papers and manuals for Japanese community in how to recover their lands from contamination.We have requested for the intervention of the Washington directly in this matter in the past 48 hours.I have written through the channels available to us to His Excellency President Obama, asking for his intervention in this matter between the Foundation and the Japanese organizations (TEPCO) concerning Fukushima.We hope the response will be positive as it was with the peace treaty and USB stick. We know His Excellency and the White House keep an eye on our work and have been doing so for sometimes as we are all aware.You have to realize that once we release videos as has been asked by Japanese community of how to do the decontamination, then we need the government apparatus to get involved to collect and store the cesium and other radioactive materials, which farmers collect from their land.Secondly public need to have the know-how in how to handle the collected contaminated materials.We are here to help, and not to create a bigger problem.We have been asked and we will keep this move very close to us until we solve the matter.As I have said in my communications in the past week, now we are free from the power generator unit development and now we enter to solve this subject with full force and will not stop until is done.As what has alarmed me, is that in the last week the authorities have mentioned in their press conference in Tokyo that they are considering in diluting waters held in giant tanks in the station and they are talking of then dumping this diluted water in the high seas.We are not from the back of the mountain ignorant people, as TEPCO think.This is not sugar to dilute and becomes less tasty and sweet to swallow.This is tritium-contaminated water you are talking about, and tritium contamination will be on every man plate around the world in less than 12 month, if this move is carried out.This move by TEPCO is lethal and inconsiderate and they have already through backdoors released large quantities of the contaminated water into the ocean anyway.This shows that TEPCO think everyone is ignorant, as they have got away with their play for the last two years and have been playing with every mans life on this planet.We are not opposing the cleanup, but we are setting the scene for reduction in contamination and reduction in volume of contaminated matters through the right channels and methods for their retraction from the ground and water and their safe storage.Members of the Foundation and our readers, Please put as much work as you can on TEPCO, this is where the problem has to be solved.TEPCO needs to know that there are correct solutions available to them and as world citizens, it is our jobs to protect the next generation and ourselves.TEPCO has had problem with me and with the Foundation, as I am an Iranian nuclear physicist and the Japanese government has banned them to enter in any negotiation with us.I offered the technology for the decontamination to the Japanese government, when I handed the USB stick to the embassy personally last year.They did not refuse the USB and they never returned it back to us either.So, if the patents and the information on the USB were good, then so is the decontamination process we offer should be good too.If we do not see positive move, within days, as has been requested by our Japanese friends, we will release full process step by step on video to the public that they can start to decontaminate their lands and homes.Do not forget that there are children whom are getting affected by cesium through playground in Japan too, and this is much worse than anyone could imagine and it is not getting reported.We are here to serve humanity, we have asked for no financial rewards or payment from TEPCO or Japanese government, our technology is free for you to use, but if the move is not made by the White House and TEPCO, then I will teach Japanese in the coming days line by line, minute by minute live on the YouTube how to handle the whole situation, from making the material they need up to how to protect themselves and how to dispose of the contaminated materials.I am sure then the world scientists will join us too to give their advice too to finish this job as a team.Enough is enough, for foot pedaling for TEPCO.We need to organize the same force as for peace treaty and help the situation, 2 years has been long enough to wait and go from one disaster to another with TEPCO.I understand that they are under pressure to solve this problem, but now it is time to open the door for world scientists to come in and help.Protectionism is killing all of us.My message to TEPCO and Japanese government is simple, please learn from our Russian friends and Chernobyl, they asked for the others outside their borders for help and help was given and we all are living in a fairly moderate condition with that disaster as a humanity as we all helped and we did what we could at that time or at least we thought we did and could do.Please open the doors and let us help or we will let the people to help themselves and you will follow the people.Moreover, this is not how to govern, as it is not Japan, but the whole of human race, which this situation is putting and has put under threat.We are not a pressure group, but scientific group, which we let our voice to be heard through our technology. NHK Japanese television from their e-mail sounds to support us, once we start teaching and they will report.We are waiting for the response from the world leader, if he can come in to give a helping hand.IAEA will be involved soon and it has no choice but getting involved as they should have done something long ago and they were to busy with Iran situation and they have taken their eyes of the ball of the Fukushima.TEPCO needs to listen to world scientists.What I do not understand is that how can Japan’s Emperor and Prim-minster be living in the country, which its air and food is giving them and their family cause for cancer and they are not asking for their government to do something about it. TEPCO does not have the expertise, others do, and now we are coming in as world scientists to make the change if they like it or not.The tsunami destroyed the Fukushima PowerStation, but the PowerStation tsunami contamination is destroy the rest of the humanity.

Give the Cesium back to the plant in Fukushima

The Keshe Foundation Forum
Fukushima farming land contamination Give the Cesium back to plant in Fukushima The keshe Foundation needs the help of our Japanese readers and bloggers

1 hour ago · Sent from WebMartin Cornwall unstoppable indeed

1 hour ago · Sent from ChatIridium

Superfly Inthesky
oh yeah. spreading the knowledge via internet is powerful
1 hour ago · Sent from WebMartin Cornwall

very powerfull indeed
37 minutes ago · Sent from Chat

Julie Crory Telgenhoff

Iridium Superfly Inthesky, I have a website with a pretty good following, I don’t know what to believe about the Keshe foundation, hence why I never mention it. And if I don’t know about something, I don’t post it on the website, however, Fukushima is a global depopulation plan so would you like me to put it on the website . Thank you.25 minutes ago · Sent from Web Iridium Superfly Inthesky

Please do, this information needs to get out, and the TRUTH about Dr Keshe, who has been vilified by tptb as he has worked on free energy for a long time. I was hoping for the this news to come out about a year ago, when Dr Keshe spoke at an International conference in Brazil, but the governments and military-industry corporations fiercely oppose to free energy for obvious reasons, it would end all wars (a fact).Why do you think all the war mongering directed at Iran? Free energy technology, and Iran’s ancient artifacts (even a stargate) are the reason. Everything else is western propaganda. Their political/religious situation is their own national issue, not for other countries to interfere, as they NEVER do it from the goodness of their heart, as we have seen over and over again with these insane and perpetual wars that never bring anything but more wars, death, disease, chaos and poverty to the people.Internet is for the people to spread knowledge in virtual time, let’s not let free energy be suppressed any longer!
Thank you Julie

Suppression – PESWikiInventors in their zeal to improve the well-being of their fellow inhabitants of Planet Earth face such perils as poverty, slander, ridicule, and neglect. Inventors of energy-saving devices in the past sometimes have also been bullied by large energy-related corporations and their allies in the Unit…2 minutes ago · Sent from Web

machineheadmedia blogger v.012013

The Battle of Fukushima [On Fukushima Beach 4] 

Please support Ebisu Studios in spreading the truth of what is happening in Fukushima.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Jeff Rense & Yoichi Shimatsu | Food Chain Devastation/Fukushima

Clip from January 6, 2014
Guest Yoichi Shimatsu on the Jeff Rense Program.

Source: &

A Sheep No More

California Geiger Readings Consistently 10X ‘Normal’ Levels
By Susan Duclos
JANUARY 9, 2014

There have been reports of pockets and areas showing a 500 percent spike in radiation in California and times as high as 1,400 percent, but the question the Mainstream Media (MSM) and local California media refuses to ask is what is the consistent readings along the beaches of California, what increased percentage is the new “norm,” for them?

In the video below anchored by David Knight, he shows a crew, including JaKari Jackson, with a Geiger counter walking along the Califronia beach and their findings are consistently high, at times spiking to 1,200 times what local officials publicly claim to be safe and normal levels.

Article continued

Assosiated Linx




Top Russian Nuclear Official: Fukushima catastrophe matched our worst-case scenario

U.S. Gov’t Email: Radiation release thought to be 500 times higher than we calculated

Senior Scientist:
Fukushima cores melted through the containment vessels — I’m very concerned about sea life on West Coast accumulating radioactive material; Some contamination will arrive in concentrated pockets (AUDIO)    

Wall St. Journal:
Plutonium levels 1,000 times normal on seafloor 50 miles from San Francisco — Expert Appalled: Major nuclear dump offshore is a threat to health — Around 50,000 containers of radioactive waste in globally significant ecosystem »

Top Russian Nuclear Official: Fukushima catastrophe matched our worst-case scenario — U.S. Gov’t Email: Radiation release thought to be 500 times higher than we calculated

Published: January 2nd, 2014 at 9:39 pm ET By ENENews  Email Article 102 comments 

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (pdf), March 14, 2011:

From Randy Sullivan — Thumbnail analysis of direct exposure rate reading on the Regan Aircraft Carrier. This is only an order of magnitude analysis, based on very limited data and calculation, but it seems to indicate an important consistency. NRC performed a Rascal calculation for 40% core damage (melt) and design leakage (1%). NARAC indicated they thought our calculation was a factor of 500 low based on a 0.6 mrem/hr reading on the aircraft carrier about 100 nautical miles away.  Continued

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Plumes of mysterious steam rise from crippled nuclear reactor at Fukushima

Published time:
January 01, 2014 20:15 

Fresh plumes of most probably radioactive steam have been detected rising from the reactor 3 building at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, said the facility’s operator company.

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