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Mari Hara

Mari Hara


The powers that be making the same tricks over and over again…

Türkçe altyazı için CC ayarlarından (ekranın sağ alt köşesinde) “Türkçe”yi seçebilirsiniz.

Solidarity Message to Ukraine, Bosnia, and anyone demonstrating anywhere! mihalis eleftheriou


GREECE State’s offensive against anarchists continues,Tasos Theofilou sentenced to 25 years in prison without any evidence —  with Giu Spadaro and Raymundo Monzury Guzman

Mari Hara
fucking disgusting… shame on facist greek government…..!!!!

Yvintitres Mkc

Joan C

From the Greek Streets › State’s offensive against anarachists continues, Tasos Theofilou…

Thomas GataGREECE State’s offensive against anarchists continues,Tasos Theofilou sentenced to 25 years in prison without any evidence===================

Days of greek democracy:(to the left) Ilias Kasidiaris: MP of the nazist party Golden Dawn, member of criminal nazi organizations, trainer for paramilitary assault divisions, weapon possession, pogroms against immigrants, nazist salutes and so on. Walks free! (to the right) Tasos Theofilou: anarchist. He was sentenced today to 25 years in prison on no evidence for participating in bank robbery and assassination! 

25 years…An innocent comrade will spend 25 years in jail. ‪#‎Tasos‬ ‪#‎Theofilou‬Tasos Theofilou was sentenced although he was not recognized by witnesses.Although an officer, of anti-terrorism agency, was “forced” to admit in his interview, that ” Tasos may not have been the man in the robbery . Although the president of the court , said to the scientists , who testified, that the only alleged point- a hat- is not proof, ” we figured that he might not wore the hat … ” However , the “independent” Greek court punished the anarcho-communist, even without evidence , to 25 years imprisonment for simple complicity in murder and robbery. Tasos Theofilou convicted despite the fact that during the hearing , 19 witnesses testified .Among them, witnesses who were at scene of the robbery and anti-terrorism officials.None of them recognized the accused as the perpetrator of the robbery . According to the scenario of the anti-terrorism officials : An unknown man, (his phone call was NOT recorded by the officers, because the “notorious” anti-terrorism agency has NOT the tools to record the caller’s ID ) called them on August 14th, and he stated that someone with the name “Tasos” participated in the robbery in Paro . The “stranger” also gave the address of Tasos’ house in Thessaloniki . Four days later, he was found sitting on the steps of the subway Kerameikos with a bag that read ” Paros “.The comrade has refused all charges from the first moment. He has defended himself saying that the only thing implicating him in the incidents on Paros is a DNA sample from a mobile object (a hat) allegedly found outside of the bank, which in no way implies his own presence in the robbery scene. He has also challenged the validity of collection and analysis procedure for the particular DNA sample.The result: Tasos Theοfilou was sentenced to 25 years in prison and to deprivation of political rights for five years without parole.

From the Greek Streets › State’s offensive against anarachists continues, Tasos Theofilou…

Thomas G

A true story


Ryan Dawson talks with Adam Kokesh…. post sentencing

Owen Jones….. certainly put the record straight about what is actually going n in Palestine Gaza…. — via Yolanda Nazar

Palestine Defended on the BBC
(a rare moment)

Owen Jones puts the record staight regarding Israel’s share of responsibility for the recent violence. The BBC has tended to be biased against Palestine in r…

Liberty For All
Disgusted with Socialist President Francois Hollande, a French activist decided to dump a few tons of horse manure in front of the French Parliament.


This is beyond outrageous … where do we find justice…?? FUCK the murdering cops…..


California cops acquitted in homeless murder case

Mari Hara

After the Black Widows terrorist operations in Volgograd, ‪#‎Russia‬ is committed to destroying al-Qaeda….


‘Russia committed to ending al-Qaeda’

Russia is committed to destroying al-Qaeda, which can only be done by overthrowing the Al Saud Wahhabi regime.

via Press TV


Mihalis Eleftheriou
I’m finding it difficult to cross the border. My body seems to force itself outwards somehow. I feel it on my skin, but pushing from inside. Will I spontaneously combust? Will my body fall off? I hate this wall so much. I hate it. It’s there every day. Wait, ID, number, stamp, cross. This wall that only breaks here, where I wait, ID, number, stamp, cross. I could chew through this wall. Give me teeth! These walls and our only honest heritage between them; the buffer zone. That despicable space that seems to be our only honest orator; the only space still telling the story of division with unending silence. There is no Cyprus under this charade. We are each other, can this wall keep us from ourselves? It is doing so. I hate it. The sensation of feeling robbed and presented with your loss constantly, but not in the typical rhetoric we are taught: ‘our’ land and all that bullshit. I feel robbed of my culture, my heritage, my languages, because i want them close to me, but they are on the other side of this wall. They told us other stories, and we are the generation that forgot what we never knew. Give me teeth!
Κύπρος-Kıbrıs-Կիպրոս-قبرص (Cyprus)


A special  farewell message,
for Sharon the butcher….
your ass is mine mofo…. !!! 


Sireen Khudairy was arrested again at 4am on Tuesday 7th January 2014.

According to reports she has been taken to Huwwara military point.When the Israeli army took her from her home they didn’t show any papers to her or the person she was with.This follows 8 months of harassment of this 24 year old Palestinian woman who is a teacher and supporter of the non-violent activist.

She was previously imprisoned from May to July 2013, and has been subjected to frequent harassment ever since.

Mari Hara
shared a link via Peter G Phippen.

Mari & Phillip G Phippen:
In the 20years of the so-called ‘Peace’ Talks, Israel has built 53,000 illegal settlers homes on Palestinian land…..

Mari: Ethnic cleansing IS GENOCIDE = israHELL the LUNATIC terrorist illegal racist state……unabated…genocide

More Israeli demolition in Nablus

Tuesday, 07 January 2014 13:20  

Israeli authorities demolishing a Palestinian home in Jerusalem [file photo]Israeli occupation forces have demolished Al-Taweel Hall in Aqraba, south of Nablus in the occupied West Bank, as soldiers delivered further demolition notices for a mosque and 5 homes

Source: Middle East Monitor


Mari Hara



Mari Hara shared Tiretheos Chiron’s photo

Mari Hara

Ryan Dawson breaks down the poisonous hand of the state and the corporate welfare queens it serves.
Ryan Dawson

The ANC Report | Anti Neocon News © 2013

There are thousands of listeners to every podcast. Usually there are about 7 thousand who will listen to each on the first day that it goes up. If we could get just one good drive where people donated 10 dollars each just 10 dollars there would be a pool of 70 thousand dollars to use for independent…


Mari Hara

shared a link via Irish Friends of Palestine.

5 years ago today report on CNN: Interview from Cynthia McKinney on board the rammed DIGNITY.

Source Video Link

CNN reporter on the flotilla, you wont see this kind of honest reporting anymore.

Source Video Link

Mari Hara


America’s biggest national security threat has been, and still is, right here at home, writes Jim Dean.

Sat Dec 28, 2013 5:30AM GMT35473 34 
By Jim W. Dean

Obama forced to react to NSA gone wildNSA spies target interests of EU“News is what someone, somewhere is trying to suppress; the rest is just advertising.” -Press Magnate Alfred Harmsworth, later Britain’s Lord NorthcliffeThere is a total stand down on prosecuting Israeli espionage networks here. Such a situation could never have happened unless all of our counter-intelligence, judicial and political institutions had been compromised as primary key targets of such an assault.So why am I bringing this up again during the year end holidays? The simple answer is I am piggybacking the huge readership that Gordon Duff’s Christmas day viewpoints got, “Mossad, Bush planned, executed 9/11,” and then Kevin Barrett’s earlier piece, “9/11 truth vs. Takfiri terror.”Press TV also did a follow up on Gordon’s article with their “Israel suppressing report on 9/11 role: Intelligence analyst,” which also got big readership.I have been around long enough to know that is strong evidence that readers are ‘getting it,’ as they are Facebooking these important articles around. Our readers are accepting the empowerment they have through social media to leverage the work being done by the writers and Press TV in getting this critical material out to a wider audience. It encourages more people to come forward with further information so we can do deeper follow-up pieces on these long running and complicated geopolitical intrigues.To those who might charge me with grandstanding with a provocative title, my proof is in the pudding… the stand down on prosecutions. That alone is slam dunk evidence of the depth of the penetration, when it is generally known that no one will prosecute Israeli espionage here, other than a token case every few years.And I can share more as to how deep this goes, to the point where presidents (for various reasons) choose to support the stand down or realize they are caught in a spider web of political espionage themselves, where they do not have complete freedom of action.When the tide turned redThe independent intelligence community knew they were dealing with a coup when Bush (43) tried to duck even having a 9-11 investigation. The lame excuse given at the time was that it would undermine national security by distracting critically needed resources to defend against the expected onslaught of new major terror acts.We know now that not only were no terror attacks really forthcoming, but no infrastructure had been set up by the so-called terrorist volcanoes that were seething underneath their Afghanistan mountain command centers. Not a single one was ever located by any NATO unit to the present day. We got hoaxed on that. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s bogus presentation on CNN, complete with cartoon schematics of the non-existent al-Qaeda command centers, is part of the legend of our debased American leadership at the time, which proved itself to be our greatest national security threat.The public outrage over Bush’s attempt to avoid any review of how 9-11 really happened forced him to pull back to his plan B, an investigation with a catch, that no testimony would be taken under oath. The intel community again was not surprised at the outrageous caveat. Our corporate media never attacked the 9-11 commission as a fraud. That showed there were playing their assigned role, an extension of the one they began on 9-11 with their bungling of reporting Building 7 collapsing while it was still standing in the back ground on live TV.That stain on American media will never be washed off, not even with bleach. Other parts of our government went along out of fear of being targeted as a scapegoat. The ‘no testimony under oath’ gave them all a free pass to hide or give false testimony without fear of perjury charges. Its effectiveness was confirmed when 9-11 commission members afterward publicly stated they knew witnesses had perjured themselves and withheld information they claimed they didn’t have – a slam dunk obstruction of justice felony.The US intel community… the good, the bad, and the uglySo the loyal intel community (versus those involved with the coup) began making a Who’s Who List of 9-11 aiders and abettors. This gave them a living bread crumb trail back to the real planners and perpetrators. When the dust settled this list was in the 175 to 185 range. Then began a quiet, off-the-record series of discussions with some of the top national security and law enforcement people who were out of the Bush administration at the time, of course.These were the results. All these top people agreed that the 9-11 investigation with no under-oath testimony was a breach of the oaths of office for everyone involved, on a scale America had never seen. They all agreed that something ‘deserved’ to be done about it, but, when looking at the names on the list, not a single person could suggest anywhere to take the information to pursue prosecutions. They frankly said no one would ever initiate prosecutions, as most of those on the list were deemed ‘Protected Entities.’We know that teams of Israelis were arrested in New York City on 9-11 and quickly released in various ways. One included fake FBI agents showing up to take custody of one group… afterward they all just disappeared. There were two plane loads that left the country that day – one full of Arabs with the bin-Laden family – and I will let you guess who the other one was full of. Both passenger plane rosters remain classified.Stopping the next big false flag terror attackAt this point, the focus on taking the perpetrators down shifted to trying to stop another major false flag attack when the Bush (43), neo-con, and Israeli intel teams’ push to attack Iran began losing steam. ‘They’ knew we were watching (primarily military intelligence), as word had been put out at all levels of the community to report the slightest indication that something was in progress.The bad guys were not going to catch us flat-footed like the first time, and there are many willing to take any risk to catch them red-handed on the next try. Veterans Today editorial board member Gwenyth Todd broke up one such planned attack in Bahrain – an attack on US personnel – the usual terrorist bombing that would have killed our own people and then be blamed on Iran – which everybody knew Iran would never have done.Iran already had a solid track record of not retaliating to provocations like their nuclear scientists being murdered because they knew that is exactly what the Western killers wanted them to do.Gwenyth subsequently escaped an assassination attempt, the wonderful combination of quick wits and some fabulous luck. Navy personnel were involved in her attempted murder, and of course, no one has even been investigated much less charged.Israeli espionageThe major cover for the active supporters of Israel is that intel sharing (how they like to refer to Israeli espionage here) is acceptable when done by an ally to whom we have given security pledges. But I am going to destroy that smokescreen.Less known even among active Israel’s supporters is that one of the ways the Zios fund their intelligence operations worldwide is through their huge Walmart-sized contract espionage service. They steal everything they can, much of it with assistance of willing traitors and ideological dupes. What they don’t need themselves, they sell to the highest bidder.Up until now, the bad guys are winning. Included among them are the major US defense companies that are transferring technology to potential adversaries, often through Israel. This is done so they can then be deemed bigger threats, which then requires more public spending on new weapons systems to protect us. This is mega-treason on the corporate level, but these same people have the red carpet rolled out for them wherever they go, especially with Congress… no guilt, no shame, no prosecution.What are we going to do? So, you past readers all know what I am going to say now, that America’s biggest national security threat has been, and still is, right here at home. And until we decide to fight and win that war, we will never have any national security regardless of how much we spend.The deck is rigged against us by homegrown traitors. What we have currently is an endless money-making machine that the real evil people have no intention of giving up. We are in a fight of us versus them, and yet way too many of us prefer Santa Claus do our fighting. And for those who refuse to fight back, the traitors and thieves have nothing but contempt for you. They feel you have earned and deserve the yoke. I would ask that you ponder this for your New Year’s resolution. I have already made mine. You probably know what it is.HJL/HJLJim W. Dean comes from an old military family dating back to the American Revolution. His father was a WWII P-40 and later P-51 Mustang fighter pilot. Jim’s mother was a WWII widow at 16, her first husband killed with all 580 aboard when the SS Paul Hamilton, an ammunition ship with 7000 tons of explosives aboard, was torpedoed off the coast of Algiers. He has appeared on PBS most recently on the Looking for Lincoln documentary with Prof. Henry Lewis Gates and lectured at the Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon. His current writing focus is on national security, intelligence, black and psyops, military/Intel history including personal video archives, and the current wars. Jim Dean is the managing editor of Veterans Today. 

More articles by
Jim W.Dean 473 34 

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SarahDec 29, 2013 9:11 AM
Well Jim, perhaps no court will try them, so put out the names of those 200 people and the court of public opinion will put them on trial.Click to Rate ReplyRating8

Jim W. Deanin reply to Sarah12/30/2013 2:16:50 AMMany of the names are already public. People hate them. It makes no difference. Congressional polls are at their lowest. None of those in solid district care a hoot what people think as they have no one running against them. The public has never pushed for independent prosecutions politically. If they get some traction, they will be offered something similar to the 911 commission to drain everybody’s time for a few years and then you get a meaningless report to buy. When massive crimes can be carried out on an ongoing basis with no prosecutions, and people accept it, they are a defeated people. What we see then is what we are seeing a lot of now, people looking out for their own interests as not all will be losers. But in the last five years we have made great strides in terms of education. The political grunt work in the trenches awaits us now, and it will not be pleasant work because it will have to go on forever.Click to Rate Rating0

ColKlinkDec 29, 2013 8:24 AMunconvinced.Click to Rate ReplyRating7DimitriDec 29, 2013 7:28 AMThis happened as far back as 1979, when Jimmy Carter fired Andrew Young, US Ambassador to the UN. Israel said that Andrew Young did something wrong, based upon illegal Mossad espionage at UN headquarters in New York City. Time Magazine then reported that US prosecutors are ordered to look the other way as Mossad continues to commit such crimes on American soil.Click to Rate ReplyRating7

Big MDec 29, 2013 6:35 AMThanks for the news flash.Click to Rate ReplyRating3Niccolo MachiavelliDec 29, 2013 3:54 AMYou will not end the Imperialistic ambitions and the atavistic chicanery of the US Government merely by chasing out the Zionists. The Zionists are able to dictate policy to the US Government because the Zionists are so rich they can buy the services of the US Government. Drive out the Zionists, and other rich cotrollers will take the place of the Zionists – perhaps the new rich controllers will even act as surrogates for the Zionists who previously held power. In any case, as long as wealthy Capitalists continue to rule the USA, the US Government will do their bidding.Click to Rate ReplyRating11

Anti-Tribalist Partyin reply to Niccolo Machiavelli12/30/2013 1:35:53 AMNiccolo,the Zionists got that wealth thru fraud,the privetly issuance of currency to the governments by usury.Abolish that evil and they loose influence over government.The “imperialistic ambitions” and “rich controllers” were made possible by the victory of the Freemasonic left,a post-Renaissance Zionist tool to introduce democracy which hands over the nation to international banking and finance.To de-construct this system,the idea of ‘Relativism’ must be denounced,the rest will crumble.Click to Rate Rating1

Grampahin reply to Niccolo Machiavelli12/29/2013 6:36:47 PM”In any case, as long as wealthy Capitalists continue to rule the USA, the US Government will do their bidding.”Right on Niccolo. The Masons and other secret oath societies will continue to rule the US. There are many reasons JFK spoke out, knowing damn well it would cost him his life. One was all the secret societies. The Masons for god’s sake even founded the US, laid out it’s capital and have a building in every city in the US, down to those even under 5000 in population. With the Elks a virtual copycat. Yale has it’s Skull and Bones and many big US universities have less publicized “in groups”, clubs, on and off campus. You join them to “get ahead” and lose forever your self independence. Sell out to satan in other words.Click to Rate Rating

2ED SKIin reply to Niccolo Machiavelli12/29/2013 4:12:07 PM
if they are so rich, then please tell me why the US subsidizes them to the tune of 3 billion a year? that means we are paying the salaries of the criminal spies that have infiltrated our government. According to the Congressional Research Service , the amount of official US aid to Israel since its founding in 1948 tops $115 billion, and in the past few decades it has been on the order of $3 billion per year.[[]6] (In 2013, for example, this amounted to over $8.5 million every single day.)”and they will never pay back one penny. in fact- often they take the weapons we ‘give’ them , and turn around and sell them to the …chinese.Click to Rate Rating2786

Dec 29, 2013 2:10 AM
The israeli espionage is very complicated to get rid of yet so very simple. When its time to vote, American citizens should vote for a non Jewish, non israeli worshippers.. Put some strong Christian believers who follows the true message of our beloved Jesus Christ (a.s). If you truely want to expose the real and ugly face of zio Jews, vote them out of the office and watch their true terrorist faces. Another great article by a wise and knowledgeable and a true patriotic American. Keep up the great work Mr Dean. Thank you for your hard, courages and brave work. May God protect you from these devil worshippers for telling the truth.Click to Rate ReplyRating16

Tim IaconoDec 29, 2013 1:2 AM
Excellent article which actually offers a relatively positive light on the current American dilemma regards its control by Zionist interests. I truly feel we’re seeing a mass awakening by the US public which can only grow stronger and more determined to achieve justice in every facet of corporate, political and every day life. I admie what you’re doing Jim. Keep up the great work (Y)Click to Rate ReplyRating17

bladeDec 28, 2013 11:57 PM
In the ocean of knowledge,only those want to learn will see the land.Click to Rate ReplyRating9

pakistaniDec 28, 2013 11:54 PM
American people think they are the most intelligent yet Isreali Take over and espionage in america tells us Americans are the most dumb nation,their country have been hijacked and their rights have been crushed and they act like sheep,silly naive americans.Click to Rate ReplyRating16

PollardDec 28, 2013 9:47 PM
Not only is Pollard going to carry out the rest of his sentence, they will also not release him to go to israel due to the info he holds. Bibi Satanyahu is only into all this early release spin to assure all the other Pollards out there(and there are many Wendy Sherman DNA types in the system) that if caught israel will do the utmost to have them released. So that they can continue their spying in full confidence.Click to Rate ReplyRating12

Jim W. Deanin reply to Pollard12/29/2013 11:29:35 PMAmen, Pollard is still in prison because we lost over a 1000 people due to him and so far the community has refused to let him go. When Clinton really wanted to let him go with all the goodies the Lobby people were offering, our top Intel and Justice Dept., people all threatened to resign which would have been a huge scandal. That’s what it took to stop it. Although this is not widely known in the public, the story is widely known within government circles, so everybody knows that combined coordinated effort works. That takes away their convenient excuse that it is impossible to change anything. It is, but it is not easy.Click to Rate Rating0

koohDec 28, 2013 7:55 PM
The USA an occupied land in the North America, and Israel an occupied land in the Middle East,both places by the same Zionist occupiers. Don’t they like occupation? For those few and braves, who want to fight these parasites , wish the best luck in coming New Year!Click to Rate ReplyRating25

CharlesDec 28, 2013 7:54 PM
Jim, Merry Christmas to you and your team and thanks for your hard work. You guys are “the salt of the earth”. In Iran there is a saying “when the owner of the house teams up with a thieve, they can remove a cow through the key-hole”. Meaning – the sky is the limit- when the president, the Senate, the judges are in on the deal. However, the fact is that there is a considerable people-power available in US, which as proved recently with Syria, can make a real difference. All the best for next year.Click to Rate ReplyRating16

Seyyed MohammadDec 28, 2013 7:48 PM
US is totally infiltrated in all levels, because it’s controlled by few oligarchs on top of the Zionist dominated multinational finance/oil/arms industry, which controls almost all global wealth and politics. Obama had a chance to break free when Natinyaho supported Mitt Romney against his election aggressively, and even tacked the extreme step for leading the soft-military-coup by leading the attack on US-embassy in Libya which resulted in killing of US-ambassador too. Obama should have some credit for trying, but somehow he has failed to bring down Natunhayo, even with such a huge personal reasons. Who is really in charge in US, the President Obama or some unelected Zionist Oligarchs?Click to Rate ReplyRating12

StrayhorseDec 28, 2013 7:45 PM
NSA uses AT & T and all other carriers to listen in on Americans’ private conversations without a warrant. AT & T, other carriers and many security companies in the United States are owned and operated by Mossad connected Israeli companies supported by an unregistered foreign agent and lobby AIPAC. With so many sayanims in America, Americans need to question each and every contract with Israeli connected organizations and companies as if they were dealing with the devil himself. America has been compromised by domestic enemy handlers, AIPAC. AIPAC and all Israeli companies and organizations must be treated as enemy combatants.Click to Rate ReplyRating17

Hon.Ebenezer M.OyetakinDec 28, 2013 7:25 PM
USA has been a conqured nation by the huge and long invincible Zionist espionage network.It will take more than a resolution for USA to free herself from this abbys of contrived realities.It will take complete and resolute and courageous system overhauling, call it the second American revolution you won’t be wrong.Israel is using the USA as a front to deceive the world into her own hegemony which inadvertently is what USA is .Click to Rate ReplyRating12

here and nowDec 28, 2013 6:39 PM
for a nation to be infiltrated…it is a nightmare…it means all the intelligent,patriotic,decent and courageous people will never be promoted into the hierarchy of this Nation’s leadership…and the best of this Nation will be silenced…AND THE BEST OF THE BEST : DEFINITIVELY……Lets be curious…who was promoted in the 1990’s,just after 9/11 …lets ask them a question…who are they serving ?Click to Rate ReplyRating10


sami jadallahDec 28, 2013 5:39 PM
Jim…correction, they are not spies,, they run our government at every level and in every department. They make the policies, they authorize the funding for the operation of government. They run the show… Recently one of the most liberal senator from our state of Virginia, Mark Warner ( D) joined the Israel First seeking war on Iran… as if all these wars are not enough.Click to Rate ReplyRating11

SeanDec 28, 2013 4:53 PM
Excellent as always, Jim. I was thinking,After Israel bombed Gaza on Christmas Eve and killed that 3 year old girl, that Israel has become adversarial to humanity itself. They really want us all dead or enslaved. It’s time all of humanity woke up to the threat and acted against that threat,by any means necessary.Click to Rate ReplyRating23

hadiDec 28, 2013 3:0 PM
us stop wotrking with big terrorist israel. down with zionist israelClick to Rate ReplyRating19

an enlightenedDec 28, 2013 2:12 PM
Obomba is also complicit in the lies. After the staged killing of Tim Osman and then the wiping out of seal team 6 he joined the evil ones. Yes he needed an excuse to end the so called war but that false flag was so obvious. The truth will out MR Dean and you and all the wonderful truth tellers shall overcome. God Bless you all.Click to Rate ReplyRating21

BenteDec 28, 2013 1:52 PM
Thank you Jim Dean and your team.May 2014 be better for the good,worse for the badand a total disaster for the ugly.than 2013 was.

Jim W. Deanin reply to Bente12/28/2013 7:39:46 PM
Thanks Bente, We are shifting over from reacting to the Zio’s moves to their reacting to ours. The big goal this next year will be to expand the mistaken focus of boycotting Israel solely due to their West Bank policies when they have a long list of criminal state activities to justify a full ban. Their huge WMD stockpiles, multiple warhead nuke missiles in production with India, and offensive espionage operations have earned them getting a wall built around the Zios themselves where they can never leave and learn what Gazan living is like.
Dec 28, 2013 1:23 PM
us and zionist are allie in spying and warmongering

John RitchDec 28, 2013 12:5 PM
Thanks to you Mr. Dean, Dr. Barrett, Mr. Duff, and others at Veterans Today. And thanks to PressTV for the coverage of news that is hard to find anywhere else. I knew Bush and Cheney were involved in 9/11 when they wouldn’t testify under oath! May we have a better year in 2014. The whole world suffers from warfare for profit.Click to Rate ReplyRating22

Jim W. Deanin reply to John Ritch12/28/2013 7:20:36 PMThanks John, It is a partnership between us all, and one that includes the readers as they are responsible for bringing a lot of readership to Viewpoints by passing article links around. When we started Viewpoints was buried on page two. Press TV helped out by boosting the best material by running it on the front page with a lot more viewership, and this led to many more finding the Viewpoints section. In the past few months they have started doing a news article on a good commentary to put more wind in its sails as material moves down the page quickly here. As I type this piece is number 3 for the day and the commentary itself number 5. You only see something like this happening on Press TV, and we are fortunate to be here as VT has a virtual blackout in Western media. The phone never rings with interview requests other than alternative media.Click to Rate Rating15

DTDec 28, 2013 11:30 AMRespect Mr Dean for your excellent articles – may these articles find their way into the deepest, furthest reaches of the World. We will never stop fighting on the path of righteousness…Click to Rate ReplyRating24

UK ObserverDec 28, 2013 11:12 AMHappy new year Jim and the rest of the VT team. You guys are amazing writers. You can see how much the US is infiltrated by the ZIOs through the way they are trying to derail the nuclear deal with Iran. They have bankrupted the US. Their key tool is the control if the corporate media just like the totalitarian regimes control the media. Only outlets like Press TV can combat the lies that are churned out by CNN, BBC and the like. The Zionists have been given a licence to committ crimes against humanity primarily in the Muslim lands. Let’s hope the next false flag blows up in their ugly faces! Long live the VT heroes and PTV.Click to Rate ReplyRating31

Jim W. Deanin reply to UK Observer12/28/2013 3:51:22 PMYes UK, and for all they have inflicted upon us, and as little payback as we have dished out to them, the people have to face up to it that they as a group have failed to protect themselves, even with the futures of their families on the line. We have allowed them to limit our opposition energies into to somewhat dead ends, the Dems and the Repubs. And even with their obvious differences, there are still major items they have failed to deal with effectively like the massive Israeli espionage here. Obama has resisted in major things like an Iran attack which Gore had pledge the Lobby that he would do. But then Obama got sucked into the Syrian mess, although you have to give him great credit for stopping and turning on a dime at the last moment. But at the end of the day, the people, and their institutions have failed to defend themselves. But I don’t mean some fairy land goal like winning in a year, but even in putting up a good fight.Click to Rate Rating19

JohnnyDec 28, 2013 8:35 AMYes, infiltrated into the very fiber of Americanism, the Quilt!

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