Carol Abof
via this page … go to donations section and make a “donation” of $80 .. to purchase black salve … put on under arm (lymph nodes) and will at least stop cancer spreading/getting bigger … or cure …. all protocols i gave u … salve/bicarb/vit c ON THERE OWN have good cure rate … ii am on medical trial (pancea site where u get black salve and they basically have put all alternatives together ,,, do the lot) … black salve and turmeric together for some reason.

NO SUGAR OR DAIRY (feed cancer) … raw fruit and veg wherever possible….. juices .. pisses me off … vit friggin c and bicarb …


They are getting by distributing salve as doing a “medical Trial … contact them and they will give u diet/etc to … make 80 donation and email them to tell them WHAT u made donation for … liquid zeolite is good too to detox all the radiation … also available form here for a donation of i think $80 from memory.

ALSO Vit D sit in sun every day for 20 minutes … soak in sea salt/bicarb bath every day for 20 minites as well (detoxes u ) a third of a cup of salt and bicarb … both at the supermarket. cheap as …


Mullaways Medical Cannibis

My Healthy Addiction


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