Divestment Australia

Dean Clifford Divestment


Has Everyone started to participate in “Divestment 2013″ yet? This is where we all divest and defund the system that we all seem to despise so much. This is the most simple movement, and low risk movement that ANYONE could possibly join. Here’s how easy it is:

1. Cancel your satellite or cable package. This will lead to an increase in brain function, and a decrease in funding for our enemies (enemies of freedom of thought and choice.)

2. Stop buying anything in a box from the grocery store. The box, and the alleged “food” inside are typically made from the same thing. GMO corn that is designed to produce BT toxin which kills rats (who are far harder to kill than people) as well as the fact that GMO products kill all beneficial bacteria in the intestines as well as multiple other proven health concerns which all lead to cancer and death. If you feed that shit to your kids, you are a bad parent. Yes, I just said that. Also, that nutrition-less garbage is taxed to hell and back, a trip you will only take one way if you keep funding the enemies of freedom. Fresh veggies and fruit and better, even if petro-farmed, and are TAX FREE! Shop wisely, vote with your dollar.

3. Necessity shopping. This entire system is dependent on you luxury shopping. That means all the shit that you don’t really need, you just simply want it. When you “desires” fund the people trying to kill us, then you are part of the problem. Remember, these products cost you more than just money, they cost you your future, health, and freedom. Factor that into the price of your next purchase.

4. Zero Quality items. Anything from China is packaged for direct deposit into the landfill, and you are funding the worlds largest prison. Congratulations on polluting and supporting slavery. Quit buying junk, quit shopping from Walmart, and quit buying items that have 10x in packaging than the item you are buying. I can assure you that a clutter free home is a truly wonderful experience.

jsittingstone wiradjuri country:
If I can do it anyone can, as I have never been famous for my prowesse in the garden. Amazing what one can acomplish when required, necessity being the mother of all invention / creation.




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