The Art Of War – Sun Tzu


Laying Plans
Waging War
Attack by Stratagem
Tactical Dispositions
Weak Points and Strong
Variation in Tactics
The Army on the MarchTerrain
The Nine Situations
The Attack by Fire
The Use of Spies See More @


2 thoughts on “The Art Of War – Sun Tzu

    • machineheadmedia says:

      Yes It is a handy tool especially if those who appose you have no clue which Sun Tzu talks about. I use it like a martial art only if my families life liberty & pursuit of happiness are being opposed or threatened. I posted this one mainly for people troubled by the socialNONlogical $new world order$ catastprophic multiple tsunami we find ourselves in the middle of, more along the lines of having an effective strateggem to at least have a sense of protection. Thanx for your input friend always appreciated ☆☆☆♡♡♡★★★

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