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☆Liberty Lisa Brumfiel☆ on The Truth Train


TODAY on The Truth Train with Liberty Lisa.

FORCED PHARMA with Special Guest Sean Auten.
Sean is being forced to feed his daughter powerful psychotropic drugs. Should the government be able to dictate how we raise our children and treat their illnesses? Tune in tonight from 6-8pm PST/7-9pm MST/8-10pm CST/9-11pm EST. Call in to listen, or press 1 to speak with the host (347)855-8301. Be there! 

Liberty Lisa on Truth Train 2014/02/19


Lisa Brumfiel 
Some of it is created for sure…some of it is not. It has been shown that pregnant rats will give birth to hyperactive babies (that remain hyper for life) if she is fed fluoride. Fluoride, therefore, could account for a lot of the problem. Still, not everyone has ADD or ADHD that is diagnosed. It certainly is a money maker for pharmaceuticals!10 hours ago · Like · 5Glen Ring I just got off the phone with my daughter about this very subject. She may wanna listen in on the broadcast tonight. Desaire Ring.10 hours ago · Like · 2Sean Auten Ok Liz the SAD you are talking about is not the same as I’m talking about. My daughter is diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder (shy)10 hours ago · Like · 3Glen Ring ps: my daughter doesn’t have add or adhd lol. Love ya Dez! 10 hours ago · Like · 4Lisa Brumfiel So being SHY is a disease now? shaking my head10 hours ago · Like · 4Linda Odekirk Tewes Being shy indicates they are hiding something. Went through it with my Mom.9 hours ago · Like · 1Harold Lynn Dougan No being shy is fear of what people think of you. I know I grew up shy. I once to feared this government I don’t now do i9 hours ago · Like · 3Tom Wilkins What if a child just avoids others because he would rather explore more interesting stuff?9 hours ago · Edited · Like · 4Glen Ring Like I was telling my daughter, I think at a certain age we just like to daydream and become, and realise who were are and just take in everything. Our minds are processing so many different emotions and new experiences. I know because I was in troubl…See More9 hours ago · Edited · Like · 4Sean Auten

Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging – Full Movie (Documentary)This video provides the facts about psychotropic drugs and the huge profits they…See More9 hours ago · Like · 2Brandon Council Paxil is 90% Fluoride with is the other drugs that were administered?8 hours ago · Like · 3Brandon Council Absolutely can stop it. why? it’s chemicals administrate ONLY consent of the patient can say yes or no7 hours ago · Like · 2Brandon Council not all but most7 hours ago · Like · 1Brandon Council neuro toxin7 hours ago · Like · 1Brandon Council yea Lisa it is a Neurotoxin7 hours ago · Like · 1Dennis Ford

Payday Monsanto FEAT. Luca – Tell your doctor7 hours ago · Like · 3Dennis Ford

Heavy MedicationAlais Clay 2010 – Heavy Medication7 hours ago · Like · 1Brandon Council if The parent HONESTLY wants some change with the course of kids medical plan THEY CAN ACT7 hours ago · Like · 3Lee Peer Hells yeah! Take them to the wood shed!!!7 hours ago · Like · 3Brandon Council that is blatant mistreatment “(child abuse) NOT saying BY Sean and or It is being done BY CONSENT with BOTH parents knowledge BOTH parents can be held criminally just as the doctors can be held accountable7 hours ago · Like · 3Brandon Council Now hold on tho Im not saying chemicals are NON -EXISTENT They are prevalent THERE IS AN INDUSTRIAL ABUSE of these ^ it extends far BEYOND pharm it goes to genetics and neurodevelopment7 hours ago · Edited · Like · 4Brandon Council Hold up it does take two if NOT the child THEMSELVES may speak up!7 hours ago · Like · 5Brandon Council No it isn’t but “seeing things” would regard more difficulties I BELIEVE it’s actually SENSORY PERCEPTION Most will say “extra” but what is “extra: about it is that these people have not been drugged Yano the doctors they dont take most of that sheit7 hours ago · Like · 2Brandon Council Celexa is HORRIBLE BRO!!! worst shit ever! Suicide rate is high as wellbutrin7 hours ago · Like · 2Brandon Council Celexa is NOT psychotropic7 hours ago · Like · 1Brandon Council it’s a inhibitor7 hours ago · Like · 1Brandon Council like Sean mentioned with other drugs it can actual become Neurodegenerative which is the reason for the “suicidal tendencies”7 hours ago · Like · 2Brandon Council Trazadone Celexa Welbutron and well basically ALL those drugs are oh sertaline7 hours ago · Like · 1Brandon Council those are not psychotropics NARCO They are A S.R.I.7 hours ago · Like · 1Austin Thomas at least 95% of big pharma sheeAt is poison ….7 hours ago · Like · 2Brandon Council DSM-5 is not even recognized WE aired a three part show on this also covered DSM – 47 hours ago · Like · 2Brandon Council Poison and or chemical if it is NOT a chemical narco its BUNK yes7 hours ago · LikeLiz Brice Social Anxiety Disorder is the fear of being around pple….especially large crowds because you fear what they may think of you…my husbands has it…whoever was talking about it…he drives me say the least……7 hours ago · LikeBrandon Council chemicals maybe needed for whatever reason Diabetes etc7 hours ago · LikeBrandon Council hypoglycemic7 hours ago · LikeBrandon Council so there are such things but it’s most likely SYNTHETIC7 hours ago · LikeAustin Thomas Right on Sean Auten… see wat up !!! We’ll make something happen and help you bro….7 hours ago · LikeBrandon Council “made by man” A.M.A. american murder association7 hours ago · Like · 2Brandon Council ben offering 4awhile good luck & much love it’s up to the person7 hours ago · LikeBrandon Council Lisa’s correct7 hours ago · Like · 1Brandon Council many things can affect kids7 hours ago · Like · 1Brandon Council such as cell phones causing cancer7 hours ago · Like · 2Liz Brice drugs are nothing but herbs…they took the chemical makeup of herbs used in ancient times and made synthetic look alikes (i.e. drugs) and then added other unnecessary toxic chemicals and poisons to them…voila…instant $$$$$$$$$$7 hours ago · Like · 1Dennis Ford

Addicts Wanted – Payday Monsanto ” STEREO VERSION “Addicts Wanted! – Payday Monsanto ” STEREO VERSION “…See More7 hours ago · Like · 1Liz Brice uh Brandin Council…chemicals are not a NECESSITY for diabetes…only if the diabetic wants them to be…7 hours ago · Like · 1Liz Brice and all dis.ease can be cured.period.7 hours ago · Like · 1Lizabeth Ann Shelberg Sean you are correct!I have SAD which stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder.6 hours ago · Like · 1Dennis Ford Great show tonight !!!6 hours ago · Like · 1Lisa Brumfiel Here is the archive!…/2014/02/19/the-truth-train

The Truth TrainActivist Lisa Brumfiel, AKA Liberty Lisa discusses a wide range of subjects incl…See More6 hours ago · Like · 4Sean Auten that was an extremely hard show for me to do.5 hours ago · Like


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