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Winnipeg Alternative Media

Winnipeg Alternative Media

Dean Clifford is a political prisoner here in Manitoba.


A man being held illegally, kidnapped in plain sight and fighting for his freedom.Dean will be held against his will at a non public hearing at the courts buildings in Winnipeg on March 7th. Come show your support and stand in solidarity with Dean Clifford. Brings signs, pamphlets, and mirrors!

Back in January 28th, Dean’s previous hearing, was uneventful and just another case management hearing. It has been over 35 days since a writ of habeas corpus was filed and has been ignored by the judiciary, there has been no show cause hearing, we are yet to see a valid warrant.It is obvious to say the judiciary and the federal crown are purposefully dragging things out and trying their best to not afford Dean procedural fairness and purposefully ignoring filings and claiming ignorance.

The transcripts procured to date are clearly not a true re-enactment of what transpires in these hearings in which much is omitted and manipulated. It has been claimed that Dean has also been brought in towards the end of the hearings. More details of what is going on will be disclosed soon along with a direct update publicly from Dean himself.There are many games the judiciary and the federal crown are playing to stymie Dean’s case and external forces that are also impacting things as well which should all serve as a learning experience in the long run and serve only to expose the criminality, fraud and corruption of the system that is against the people. It’s obvious to say, such violations are not only isolated in this case specifically but this is happening all over.

If you can make it on March 7th to show your support and show them that we are watching, please rock up on the day. This will most likely be a secret closed hearing again in this private kangaroo court, but it is important to bring awareness and come together. It will also serve to encourage community and discussion with like minded people that have or are starting to wake up to the tyrannical system that is enslaving mankind.

(Law Legal Courts Building, 408 York Avenue in Winnipeg )
Provincial Court Manitoba — WinnipegLaw Courts Building Main Floor, 408 York Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0P9Phone: (204) 945-3454Fax: (204)945-7130

If you want to voice your concerns, you can write to:The Honorable Peter Gordon MacKayMinister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada284 Wellington StreetOttawa, Ontario K1A 0H8If you want to write to Dean:Brandon Correctional Centre375 Veterans Way,Brandon,Manitoba,Canada R7C 0B1Phone 204-725-3532Fax: 204-727-3961

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Winnipeg Alternative Media

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