Crimea Russia Conflict, Global Economy Effect, Sanctions, Energy Infrastructure


USNEWSGHOST      With the referendum on Crimean independence and possible reunification with Russia now taking place, the US and its European allies have threatened actions to battle Moscow. Measures that include denial of visas, freezing of assets, even commencing economic sanctions against Russia and Russian interests. Escalation of tensions would undoubtedly have negative, potentially disastrous, effects on the European and global economy, not to mention the all-important political and diplomatic ties between West and East.

On Saturday March 15th, the day before this historic referendum in Crimea, the Washington Post, famously regarded as a principal mouthpiece of the US political establishment, published a strongly worded Op-Ed piece collectively written by the Editorial Board entitled US, EU must stay the course on Russian sanctions over Ukraine. A number of punitive actions that the West should, according to the authors, use to punish Russia, including targeted sanctions against prominent Russians…

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