!!!!! MUST, MUST READ: The Ukraine Crisis and Vladimir Putin: A New Financial System Free from Wall Street and the City of London? . . . with a comment from ~Jean

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

JeanHere we read a description of how we might handle the situation in the United States. I believe that like Putin, who pulled the cabal into his trap in a statesmanlike way, our ‘real’ leadership is waiting quietly for the opportune time to do the same — and I believe it is not in the best interests of us as citizens to advocate the use of ‘incendiary devices’ as a solution to bringing down the cabal. We have organized citizens — ‘real’ militias, who will support our efforts in as peaceful a way as possible.

It seems to me  in these perilous times (Special Oracle Report),  we must  fight more with brains than brawn as Putin has done! If men cannot understand this, then maybe it is time for the women to stand up and say it — and as a woman, I think it needs saying, and I’m…

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