Geopolotics, Middle East, NSA, Nuclear, Open Source Journalism, U.S Gordan Duff and Stew Webb


Veterans Today Radio (11-17-14) Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, Jim Dean, Preston James, Lee Wanta


Veterans Today Cheif Editor, Intelligance Analyst and Geopolitical Commentator Gordon Duff informs us via his golbal intelligance affiliates and global survailance opperations and Veterans Today publication, that an explosion near Kobani (middle east) via a US Bomb which turned 1sq mile near Kobani (middle east) to glass. The bomb is beleived to be a Uranium Dutarium Trigger Bomb, a new type of Neutron Bomb!!!!! VinStone, Article link below

Goto the 7min mark of audio/video for the full audio transcript


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