Gordana Post’s posts Cyborgs with implants, are you one? 


Most likely, they have been implanting by injection into the brain since 1960 in hospitals internationally, at random , though some and their families have been targeted specifically. This is not secret nor conspiracy. It is documented in science and medical journals.

However, IT WAS DONE WITHOUT PEOPLES CONSENT.  Has been in hospital since 1960? Or if you were born in Sweden, well that is where they did all the prior Brain Probe experiments , since the 40’s .. Sweden in those days, some years they had over 60% mortality rate in hospitals or shortly after discharge.


Or search: The Human Brain Project (actually is in playlist above)Here’s the patent



Scalar vibration would return all back to original structure within a few generations … scientific testing near pyramids has proven such. Hybrid , even GMO seeds, returned back to original (others to ancient prehistoric species) within one to a few generations (they tend to keep this very quiet) … the universe radiates scalar upon earth … so even if they go extreme & destroy all life … , we will be back  .. though I think their purpose is to just dumb us down to good slaves .. worker bees or ants , like they wrote up in bible so they can have supreme power over … they are getting very good at doing this to us … or Bill Gates is lol.

Scalar is what they used to call dark matter, the void, empty space … not so empty as it turned out .. unseen yes, but everywhere

Without the pyramids the universe would take much longer to get the scalar to earth through the atmosphere .. as I understood from the lectures & writing .. should go refresh my memory on this topic.

YES god really is everywhere hahahahaha .. actually, the vibration of creation is everywhere through the universe … and the buddhists say the energy of godhead is feminine , however, the masculine has say too.

Actually , it’s electronics & physics & quantum physics & mathematics.
We all have the ability to tune into this electronic universe

This is radio interview I first got intro to top secret scalar energy (lots of disinfo on net about it too in attempt to cover up) … 


Ken Rohla – Natural Health, 
Free Energy, MLK Assassination,Red Ice Radio 31 Jul 2013

More Information on Scalar and Our Bodies

378 – Dr. Rauni Kilde (1 of 13): Life,Swineflu vaccination, microchip, 
FEAR, Illuminati

Pls watch all parts. 

Stephen Hawking Warns:Artificial Intelligence May Enslave Humans


In 1958 Dr. Allen Frey, a research scientist working for GE Cornell, discovered that microwaves could be used to insert spoken words and sounds directly into a person’s mind. He called this “microwave hearing,” also known as the “microwave auditory effect,” or more commonly, “voice-to-skull.”


may be .. but also can be induced with just too much coffee and cigarettes .. hearing voices … also is what voices say illusion or predictive vision / warning at time “the truth” many psychics who hear voices are always in dread they may take the next step to schizo or it seems now government/corporation manipulated ‘hearing’ which makes sense now .. voice tells someone to burn down a restaurant & competition is gone .. hmmm


“The Mother Of All Black Ops”:Mind Control Perpetrated Via The Infrared Spectrum With Super.


BUSTED:Smart Meters Emit Constant Microwave 
Radiation: WUSA9 News.

Sweden follow up on the brain probe experiments done there and how culture is like living in an asylum


Red Ice Radio – Daniel Hammarberg -Hour 1 – The Madhouse:A Critical Study of Swedish Society.



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