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Gerald Celente Global eCONomic Fraud, The FINancial END is Near

Libor, Forex, Metals, Commodities ALL being or have been fradulently rigged to fleece the Sleeple Sheeple who are about to be culled as the technochratic self appointed elite buy everything up for pennies on the $.


Gerald Celente and John Stadmiller on
The National Intel Report – (America) December 16, 2014

Gerald Celente Published on 17 Dec 2014
Gerald talks with John Stadtmiller of National Intel Report about the top trends coming for 2015.
Official Gerald Celente channels: “Gcelente”
TrendsResearchInstitute. Gerald Celente™.
Initial Sorurce & Thanx To,


Today’s Trends in the News: The Tampax Missile! 29% of all American adults are living with their parents, hundreds are killed within days in Iraq & what does the United States love to sell the most? FEAR!

Gerald Celente – RTTV Boom Bust

Celente: ‘There’s panic on the Street’ simply because the economy is faltering. Gerald talks about the Fed, the US Economy and global economic trends. The US…



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