Alternative Independant, Economics, Geopolitics, Open Source Journalism, Truther News The Whole Thing is a House of Cards Based in Corruption

Published on 23 Nov 2014
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What the polls in Switzerland show is all the poor people are in favor of the Central Bank keeping 20% of their reserves in gold, while all the rich people are against it. The view in Switzerland is, if this passes it means a strong Franc, and therefore, it means the cost of living for the poor, falls. A strong Franc helps the poor people. It reduces their cost of living.If the Germans had gold with which to back the Mark, a return to the Mark; it would be the end of the American hegemony over Europe. It would break up NATO, it would break up the EU and therefore, it could well be there is plenty of gold in Ft. Knox, but they’re not going to let the Germans have theirs back because it could be used for a strong Mark…which would then go hand-in-hand with a strong Ruble you know Russians have been buying gold and there’s a limit on how much the American authorities, financial banks and hedge funds can drive down the Ruble….when they (the Russians and Germans) are sitting on tons and tons of gold!!Continue Reading and visit our main website at


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