Readings from the Gita: Day 2 Chapter 7

Just A Crazy Dreamer

The fully-blossomed Bhakta(devotee/believer) is a man of wisdom. Whatever he sees are nothing but different forms of the Lord. In the handsome and the ugly, in the prince and the pauper, in men and women, in birds and beasts – everywhere he has the sacred vision of God. In Hinduism, there is worship of serpents, worship of an elephant-headed God(Ganesha), worship of even the trees. All this may appear silly. But we find the height of such ‘madness’ in the perfect Bhakta. He sees God in everything, right from an insect or an ant to the sun and the moon, and his heart overflows with joy. You may say, if you like, that this magnificent divine is an illusion, but such an illusion is the height of bliss and happiness; It is the treasure of joy. In the serenity and majesty of an ocean, the man of wisdom sees the…

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