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Gordana Post’s Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs


(CFLs) | US EPA 

i was just at walmart last week and they don’t sell the incandescent bulbs anymore just halogen and fluorescent. my son said better stock up at the dollar store. lol i was pissed i don’t like the light from these bulbs let alone the toxic crap inside them

I don’t like them either & you are right , visually very straining … our gov here gave them away for free to all pensioners & unemployed .. is it mass genocide? .. yes I think so

was trying to find an article i had read but can’t find it. there are a lot of health issues with these bulbs along with causing migraines and eye strain hormonal problems etc.

not good for kids broken or not

Where did our ability to make long-lasting light bulbs go?

Planned Obsolescence:http:// The Light Bulb

buy LED bulbs


Light and human health:LED risks 


Hidden Blue Hazard? LED Lighting and Retinal Damage in 


Blue light has a dark side – Harvard Health


Posts about LED on Information on the health risks of energy 

And these bulbs were given away by the millions to many many poor villages…

Ha I was thinking the planet. My mum has the biggest jar of mercury iv ever seen sat in a glass jar in the pantry for years prob still there.

V.c. Jan
2 of these lights broke in my home last week & often suffer from migranes because of the light


Proof Directed Energy Weapons 
took down the Twin Towers

The old ballasts i used to replace in NYC high rise buildings contained PCBs before 1977 but i dont believe these are clean of other substitute ignitor toxins either..just like when they banned asbestos , dumped it in New Jersey and replaced it with vermiculite (which is just as bad for health)..i had put the remaining CFLs in the outdoor gonna fill a store room with 40 and 60 watt incandescents(The Home Shmepot still sells em for a low wattage price)..the incandescents contain small amounts of lead and arsenic (cant win).after that its go to bed at dusk and wake up at the crack of Dawn..if i can find her because she keeps disappearing on me! 

nice info Vincent Perrone and i hope you find dawn and her crack lol

Lol.Thank You Wendy!!…im very open minded and remain positive 

Janine Wright

I remeber in primary school smashing a fluro in sports and the this dust all came down and the teacher freaked for us to get out and hold our breaths,is that the same dealy??? prob should read the artical but im far to


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