Your baby sucks. And this startup wants to tell you how much


Brainchild Technologies wants to build a pacifier that measures the frequency of your infant’s suck reflex, with the idea that giving parents this information via an app can help them measure their child’s brain development. Neurologists have shown a link between how often a baby sucks and how engaged it is with a person or activity, and so Brainchild wants to take this research and apply it to a wearable for the newborn market.

The startup is one of six that will show off its technology at an investor demo day for the NeuroLaunch accelerator in Atlanta on Feb. 3, in what might be the first accelerator devoted to startups working in the neurosciences. Anish Joseph, who is one of NeuroLaunch’s co-founders, explained that the accelerator came about when he and a fellow biomedical engineer made a list of available neurological resources located in the Georgia Tech campus. When…

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