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The CIA Military Drugs and Weapons – A Comprehensive Analysis


Dave Emory and Nip Tuck.

Part 1 of 5
Recorded on October 16, 1986.
The first of five AFA shows dealing with the intelligence community and the narcotics trade, this broadcast sets forth much of the history of this relationship. In particular, the program focuses on the role of professional  post World War II anti-communists in the growth of the heroin business.

Part 2 of 5
Recorded December 3, 1986.

This program focuses on the relationship between the intelligence community and the arms-for-drugs trade. Relatively well publicized after the Iran-Contra scandal came to light, this relationship has existed for some time.

Part 3 of 5
Recorded January 27, 1987.

This program focuses on the cooperative role of elements of the intelligence community and the U.S. narcotics enforcement apparatus in regulating, not interdicting, the illegal trade in narcotics. The title refers to Danish journalist Henrik Kruger’s appellation for an apparent gambit, through which the Nixon administration, elements of the CIA and elements of U.S. law enforcement diminished the role of Corsican gangsters in the international heroin trade. This stratagem strengthened the role of American gangsters in the heroin traffic. Those gangsters were, not coincidentally, connected to both the Nixon administration and the CIA.

Part 4 of 5
Recorded March 15, 1987.

Devel­op­ing a line of inquiry pre­sented in the pre­ced­ing broad­cast, this pro­gram focuses on narco-terrorism in Latin America. Particular emphasis is on intelligence related elements that figured in the IranContra scandal, anti-Castro Cubans in particular. Much of the discussion centers on activities that took place when George Bush was in charge of the CIA.After reviewing the Latin American narcotics network of Corsican gangster and Third Reich collaborator Auguste Ricord, the broadcast focuses on the role of Ricord associate Klaus Barbie in the 1980 “Cocaine Coup” in Bolivia. The Gestapo chief of Lyons (France) dur­ing the war, Barbie found postwar employ­ment with American intelligence, first with the Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps, and later with the CIA.

Part 5 of 5
Recorded April 26,1987

The CIA and LSD
Beginning with the CIA’s research into LSD as part of its investigation of mind control techniques, this broadcast highlights the profound role of the intelligence community in the dissemination of hallucinogens and the development of the recreational culture attached to their use.The CIA and military experimented with the drug (LSD) in a variety of clinical and social environments. In addi­tion to producing psychotic and (in some cases) lethal results, this experimentation also served to infiltrate the drug into intellectual and popular culture. Writers Aldous Huxley, Ken Kesey and Allen Gins­berg were intro­duced to the drug (directly or indi­rectly) through the national security establishment’s LSD experimentation programs.Timothy Leary’s early research into LSD was subsidized, to some extent, by the CIA. Later, Leary’s LSD proselytization was greatly aided by William Mellon Hitchcock, a member of the powerful Mellon family. The financ­ing of the Mellon Leary collaboration was effected through the Cas­tle Bank, a Caribbean oper­a­tion that was deeply involved in the laundering of CIA drug money.


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