Dark Green XX: Goldman Sachs & Carbon Tax


Lloyd_Blankfein_CEO_Goldman_SachsLloyd Blankfein CEO Goldman Sachs 

Despite the lack of empirical data this hasn’t prevented a massive campaign in favour of reducing our Carbon footprint incorporated into Sustainable Development visions and the promise of a Global Carbon Tax. The latter bonanza has had all the usual suspects rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of yet another opportunity to fleece the global population of what little cash they have left from the last crisis. And here’s where it becomes easy to see something else is very wrong with the anthropocentric (human-influenced) global warming picture.

Why is it that major electric power utility corporations (the largest consumers of fossil fuels) and some of the biggest names in agribusiness and chemicals have suddenly jumped aboard the climate change train? Have they done so simply due to green washing? Well there’s a green light flashing but it isn’t for an ecological conscience.

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