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A fresh new media release from caitlin orlena who having  graduated from whitehouse institute of design sydney australia has a wealth of skill ability & experience to which her new website demonstrates.

Not to be missed is caitlin’s young wild & stylish approach to modern day fashion in media, bridging urban themes and natural settings with futuristic retro style and a fresh young flavour.




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Sevan Bomar OP-Think Radio Advanced Intelligence


Part 1

Part 2

The Light Workers Media 
Published on Apr 16, 2015
OP-Think Radio
With Stefan & Kristina
recorded on April 12, 2015
Guest: Sevan Bomar
Advanced Intelligence Part 2
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“Our hybridization may have temporarily disabled our powers but the perfect alchemical formula will bring them back online”

“WHAT A DOWNLOAD! It is raining consciousness and we have no umbrellas! As usual this is very advanced stuff with Sevan…Incredible… one can truly feel the movement during this innerview.

Innergies at the top of the spectrum!
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OP-Think Youtube Channel –”James Evans Bomar III best known as “Sevan” is one of the most diverse and enigmatic speakers of our time.

He raises the bar for what is generally discussed by mental, spiritual, and physical advisors. Hosting the popular internet television program known as Astral Quest Bomar is rapidly gaining explosive recognition with his unique style. 

Specializing in linguistics, etymology, and ciphering, James extracts the esoteric meaning within language. Having spent years in deep study diving through symbolism, occult sigils, and geometry, James has become an expert in defining what is beyond the veil. ”

Youtube channel

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Published on Apr 5, 2015

This is a seminar presented in three parts by Mark Passio, providing individuals with an introductory outlining of the nature of sacred symbolism and hidden knowledge, detailing how it’s traditionally been employed to influence the behavior of human history.


Uncategorized Nassim Haramein joins Freeman and Barnet


Physicist Nassim Haramein joins Freeman and Barnet for a wild conversation about reality. This is a brilliant, pragmatic discussion, that references Nassim’s Holofractographic Universe Theory – a term that invites a new possibility for understanding reality.

Is it possible that vacuum is the key to life – that all matter is appearing and disappearing at the speed of light and that we are vacuum?

What if the center of every proton is a mini-black hole with nearly infinite amounts of energy? What if everything in the universe is connected at its core?

Can we begin to see the fractal elements, patterns and sacred geometry in nature as a more profound illustration of who and what we really are?

Beauty is the key to breaking through the confusion and contradictions that inhibits conventional thinking.

“Look for beauty and you will find the truth”, tends to be the guiding principle that directed the attention of this amazing guest – and whether each of us understands the physics or not almost becomes irrelevant, the wisdom in this principle of seeking out beauty can be practically applied to all of our lives to improve life, in general. –

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Many thanx to Shane Muir for artwork & linx