Antohnia Lyovtzsis MediActivist ONE week WELLBEING challenge


“Here is a challenge for a week…For ONE week I challenge you to consume no refined sugar, no gluten, no processed foods, no fizzy drinks, and to consume only fluoride free water or fresh made juices. If you eat meat try to eat only organic meat with no nitrates, and only fresh organic foods. If you consume dairy, for one week only source raw milk products.For ONE week be conscious of what you eat, what is available to you and what you can buy at the green grocers, butchers, super markets and restaurants.This is a challenge. Sad thing is, it should not be. Within a week you will realise how much your food supply is controlled, saturated with inflammatory and disease producing chemicals, and how little freedom you have to choose your nutrition. Our food is our medicine, or the slowest form of poison. It is true, you are what you eat, so eat consciously.Your health is your wealth. Your food is your medicine.” Penelope Schwarz via Antohnia@fb

Medical Cannabis Event (2015) Antohnia Lyovtzsis -Mediactivist

In the short documentary style film “Medical Cannabis Event”,
by Antohnia Lyovtzsis, e view a peaceful march in the city of Melbourne in protest to legalisiation of Medical Cannabis.



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