What is PERSON? definition of PERSON thelawdictionary.org

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Definition of PERSON: A man considered according to the rank he holds in society, with all the rights to which the place he holds entitles him, and the duties which it imposes.

How the government by passes the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED

For governments to increase their powers it REQUIRES a referendum. Which means they have to ask our permission to increase their powers.They’ve by passed our permission by using the legal system to their advantage. It’s people’s lack of understanding of the legal system that has deceived them.There are 2 kinds of systems that operate, there is the LEGAL SYSTEM, and the SYSTEM OF LAW.Politicians have deceived you and trained police to put you under a system that doesn’t even apply to you.Australian law, we swear on the bible and there are 12 on a jury because our laws are subject to bible law. This is common law, or law of the land. If you cause no harm, damage or lose you commit no crime, how simply is that. If you break any of these laws you can get arrested and be charged for your unlawful actions.Law, man, lawful and unlawful.Now there is also commerce law also known as maritime law because it originated from countries doing business and needed a rule book for all to follow. When it was created the only way some countries could deliver there goods was by boat.This is the legal system that now governs and regulates how businesses operate, and the rules you should follow.So how did the corrupt government start using the legal system on us and get away with it?They simply let you think these rules apply to you. Politicians will come out and say in public to the media “this new piece of legislation applies to every person”.They never lied, but they never told you the reality either.What is a person? Origin, Latin for person or mask.A person = personaA person is not a man or woman but a man or woman can be a person. But then again a corporation is a person within the legal system.Politicians are made up of manly lawyers and lawyers know how to use words to their advantage. When politicians talk about doing the what they think is best for their society, they aren’t talking about us as a society, but they’re talking about the law society.Politicians, judges, lawyers and police are ALL sworn into the law society.So when you agree to be a person you agree to a part of their society and follow all their rules and regulations just like corporations a forced too.Legal definition of a person is. — via fb: Aussies against political corruption and lies”


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