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Philippe Baile EVOLVEFEST


We are all becoming aware of our own Light and remembering who and what we really are~!

We are the ones we have been waiting for and the only magic that will work in the World is the magic that we release into it. Are you ready to release your magic into the world with a fresh infusion of LOVE?

Babylon is Falling and our Time is Now

~ Let’s converge, communicate, celebrate, co=create, sit in sacred circle, hold ceremony and spend 4 days Sharing and Shining Like The Stars We Really Are~

Our time has finally come and nothing can stop us now.
May the beautiful energy of healing love surround us and become our ever-guiding light.

Thank you for helping to make Evolvefest the most awakened and socially-aware festival in the world~!

Come and find the others:

JoinEVOLVEFEST 2015Friday, September 4 at 6:00pmPrivate Farm, Wind Gap, PA1,871 people are going.

September 5 – September 8Private Farm, Wind Gap, PA

1,880 people are going


3 thoughts on “Philippe Baile EVOLVEFEST

  1. On behalf of our community and many friends in our area i urge you look into the transformational festival that calls itself, ironically enough, Evolvefest and the activities of its leader David Andrew Bryson. They are using the language of a transformative spiritual festival based on acceptance, kindness and love, all while promoting hate speech and intolerance in their social media pages. They just lost their Venue space for 2015 because of their intolerance for the gay and LGBT community, anti semetic views and other irresponsible, immature posts on fringe conspiracy theories. I believe everyone has the right to say what they want. but it really comes down to the leader of the festival, David Andrew Bryson and his own bigoted beliefs that are destroying a festival community of great and unassuming people. He is very quick to delete his hate when it gets noticed. Never before have i come across someone as deeply disturbed and intent on taking advantage of kind souls who share messages of love and growth. The hypocrisy shown on his many pages of fringe accounts are staggering. As someone who deals with the same community of friends that go to his events, my heart breaks as he declares gay people as being demonic, unnatural, and unable to evolve, all while saying, but everyone is welcome it their own karma. And then to encourage his followers to stand up and take action, rid the world of anything un natural. I don’t even think he understands the types of extremists he is now attracting to his events. But again he welcomes all to purchase a ticket. Truly a man trying to rake in profits from people he does not accept and approve of. And of course, big surprise, all money from the fest gets donated to his own religion non profit, Fellowship of the Beloved, which no one can find registered and he is the minister of. I hope i’m not the only one you are receiving notes about this similar topic and hope you at least get a chance to read mine. He is planting a dangerous seed and hope we can all follow and learn from this one mans ego and power trip and how any of us can become lost, when no one is allowed to hold us accountable.
    here are some recent articles that have now gone viral
    In light of all these articles, David continues to ignore this and claim it is only making his group stronger. He has amped up his vulgar posts against the gay communities and is calling for his followers to stand up and help him rid the world of all he considers un natural. Although he only speaks of male homosexuality and reduces being gay to simply, a “fecal fetish perversion” he sees gay culture being shoved down his throat. We have started a Boycott page that has captured all of David Bryson’s rants and hurtful comments and can be viewed at,
    . we are looking for support and help spreading awareness of what this man is saying in 2015 all under the guise of spirituality and transformation. I realize this is difficult subject matter and we also respect the rights of people who share these views and belief systems. this is a mission of getting people to realize that this event is promoting the opposite of what is preaching online. This event does not support equal right for all human beings. And as much as he tries to make it seem as if there are multiple admins and people posting it is confirmed to be solely David Bryson alone with these views speaking for all.
    here is a link to the message from the venue, Fellowship Farms where the event was being held. And their announcement of terminating any ties with the evolvefest event.

    Many recent hateful posts has since been deleted from his Evolvefest page but were captured and saved by many who have started Boycott Evolvefest pages. looking through the photos on the page will show many screen shots of David who is the one posting as the community page EVOLVEFEST with over 200k followers.. Thank you for your time,

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