Superstitious Religion


  • People, Whose Superstition
  • Is their religion
  • Will never advance
  • Worship renditions
  • A comatose trance
  • Rendering us all equal
  • A subtle, innocuous evil
  • Something you must understand
  • About religion, it inspires can do
  • Or it expires into, It’s In God’s Hands
  • All Apart of His Plan
  • Lord, God we’re waiting on you
  • See one’s the faith of a fool
  • The other, the religion of a man
  • There is a biblical story of men
  • With talents, three of them
  • Two, made their talents grow
  • The third buried his, without contemplating
  • Upon God’s return, two were blessed
  • The third received an un-praise worthy word
  • And was cursed for waiting
  • A people whose education
  • Opens their eyes
  • Become spiritually, soulfully, worldly wise
  • Guiding their religious situation
  • Will manifest their own compensation
  • Faith, the substance of things hoped for
  • The evidence of things unseen
  • Is not paralyzed by but crucifies hesitation
  • Their attitude, can do

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