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Auntie Susan Rankin Speaks Out For Her Original Kulin Nation and Its Peoples

Aunty Susan Rankin
fb: Kulin Nation


Thank you for being so respectful honorable and honest in your truth.

My fathers side of the family is the lake mungo people of nsw.
My great grannies side is from truganini spread out through Kulin Nation.  My mothers side is the Jaara people from Bendigo Region.

It is 7 years since we sissters walked from Adelaide to Uluru sacred life walk,  mother earth is crying due to the visions of great granny and the seven sisters as well.

It is nearly a year since our most recent walkabout from melbourne to canberra (meeting place)

This Government has no legal Jurisdiction over any one human being in this country true words from Aunty Susan Rankin. Time for the truth to be told and let great spirit bear witness that all lies are exposed for the heart can never hide from the light of love for all people

Petitioning Government House Canberra Governor General Sir Peter Gosgrove

This Government Is To Produce all Formal Written Documents of Consent from off the First Nations Sovereign people, Free of Duress and any Undue Influence to that said Occupation of our home lands and water ways.

Auntie Susan Rankin’s
Right of reply

Until this is done under whose Authority is this current Government making and legislating law over us from?This Belligerent Government need to do this simple Act to legitamise the Governments own Occupation and Jurisdiction in our lands and water ways and bring an end to this silent war fare upon our people and lands.As stated under Maritime law which says that no other country can enter into another peoples Territories or waters with that countries consent or else this can be seen as an act of Aggression and a Declaration of war.This has not been done in 200+years since Captain James Cooks Instructions from King George the 3rd which was to seek out the consent of the natives to convenient parcels of land.Until this is done then this Government has no legal Jurisdiction over any one human being in this country.

LETTER TO Government House Canberra Governor General Sir Peter Gosgrove

This Government Is To Produce all Formal Written Documents

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Many thanx with sincerity and respect to Auntie Susan Rankin Kulin Peoples & Janeese for their time effort & enthusiasm.

Natural Law Natural Justice
dvinestone @machineheadmedia


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