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Gnostic Media is the official website of author Jan Irvin.
Here, the word “gnostic” simply pertains to knowledge [Greek…

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Free Energy From Suppression To Manifestation?

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“Medical Cannabis Event”, by Antohnia Lyovtzsis


Medical Cannabis Event (2015) Antohnia Lyovtzsis -Mediactivist

In the short documentary style film “Medical Cannabis Event”,
by Antohnia Lyovtzsis, e view a peaceful march in the city of Melbourne in protest to legalisiation of Medical Cannabis.


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Child Troopers 2013


In 2012 we travelled to Uganda and New Zealand to continue filming for our documentary ‘Child Troopers’.

In early 2013 we then traveled to the UK to find out more information and hear more stories for our film. This continues again in Uganda in the coming months.

We will be posting some clips form the recent filming in London in the next few weeks so please check back soon for a sneak peak!

We are also sending a 2nd container of bikes to Uganda through our partner organisation Bikes 4 Life, helping the lives of former child soldiers and victims of war.

We wish everyone success and happiness in 2013 and hope you continue to follow our progress with Child Troopers as we enter the final stages of post production later in the year!

Please follow us on Facebook at  and on Twitter at


Vincent Magombe in London being interviewed by Child Troopers director Ebony Butler. Vincent Magombe in…

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