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Dean Clifford The Begininng Is Here 2015 live on Ccn


Dean C. Clifford
Had some fun with this one. Why is it that some people just cannot accept some common sense and logic? We could all live better lives with simple changes to how we do things that take very little time, and save this planet for us and all the animals that co-exist here. Apparently these concepts are soooo terrifying to the powers that were and the corporations pretending to be governments that they felt the need to lock me up for 16 months to shut me up. If you want to make a man angry, lie to him; if you want to make a man furious, tell him the truth.



Vin Stone Australia
Onya Dean inspirational thanku {{{inunity}}} vin

Jon D
WISE WORDS: Get off your Lard-Arse. Man has been waiting 2000 years for someone to save them. Only you can be the saviour to your problems. No-one gives a flying fuck about your problems so deal with it yourself. You can’t save anyone without saving yourself first.

Raymond P
It’s usually not so much the truth that pisses me off, it’s the fact that I was either allowing myself to be deceived or I was ignorant, or both. I was mad at myself, no one else. Let he would be deceived, be deceived. The first few times I started researching, listening to and reading the works of Dean Clifford, Robert Menard, Winston Shrout, Santo Bonacci (can never remember the correct spelling), Mary Elizabeth Croft (How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash Confiscatory Agency Known To Man), George Merciers’ Invisible Contracts, De Vattels’ Law Of Nations and a few others, I was blown away by the vast amounts of golden nuggets of knowledge and information just waiting to be explored…. I totally agree with Dean- I look in the mirror in the morning and see my worst enemy. After a long day of working hard and being productive and creating value and then still reading a few pages of an educational book or piece of case law I downloaded after I get home, I can look in the mirror and see my greatest allie.

Jon D
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New Renaissance [with Mr. Rocktane]
Many thanks to Darwin aka Mr. Rocktane for another great collaboration in bringing this very important song to life. I hope his fellow Canadian brother Dean Clifford, who’s work this song is based on,

Glenn J

Glenn J
This is kind of cool.

Jeffrey Tambor explains the
N.W.O. and the Trilateral Commission on Barney Miller in 1981

Thanks to Carlos G for sharing this on Facebook 

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Aussie Beach TV



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“Medical Cannabis Event”, by Antohnia Lyovtzsis


Medical Cannabis Event (2015) Antohnia Lyovtzsis -Mediactivist

In the short documentary style film “Medical Cannabis Event”,
by Antohnia Lyovtzsis, e view a peaceful march in the city of Melbourne in protest to legalisiation of Medical Cannabis.


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Revolution: United WE STAND

Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th of January 2015.The first photo shows we “The People” outside Parliament House in Perth Western Australia; after serving the Writs of Mandamus on all sitting Members in Parliament on Thursday the 15th of January 2015.

The second photo is we “The People” outside the High Court of Australia office in Perth Western Australia after serving the Writs of Mandamus for filing on Friday the 16th of January 2015. 

These sitting members now have 14 Days to resign their positions. All other States and Territories will follow in coming weeks thanks to Wayne Glew Constitutionalist and our team.


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U.S. Sex Trafficking Banker Has High-Level Global Ties – Jeffrey Epstein


U.S. Sex Trafficking Banker Has High-Level Global Ties – Jeffrey Epstein Apr 9, 2011 …
You know this pedophile has a bio on Wikipedia?.
Jeffrey Epstein – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia… a hilltop mansion in Stanley, New Mexico. He also owns a mansion with guest houses on his private island near St. Thomas called Little Saint James.

http:// wiki/ Jeffrey_Epstein

NWO Pedophile ring at the highest level! Scumbag Bureaucrats!
Pedophile Rings Rule The World ..go have a look at jersey island… ..everywhere….
You don’t wanna know, how many satanist’$ livin’ on that island. …
Former president named in Epstien sex slavery lawsuit – America The Monarchy – British VIP pedophile ring for decades!

Bill Clinton latest pedophilia involvement goes ingored in MSM …Aug 27, 2014 … … his former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had ‘regular’ orgies …
Epstein’s private island where he ‘kept young women as sex slaves’ ….
elite German and French ring
Duration: 4:13. by UnoRaza
Back Up What did Bill Clinton know Former president named in Pedophile Epstien …

Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Mar 19, 2014

Pedophile paradise: The lawsuit included flight records that showed Clinton made multiple trips to Epstein’s private island, Little St James … news/ article-2584309/ Bill-Clinton-identified-lawsu it-against-former-friend-pedo phile-Jeffrey-Epstein-regular -orgies-Caribbean-compound-fo rmer-president-visited-multip le-times.html

Jeffrey Epstein, Billionaire Pedophile, Goes Free
The Daily Beast Jul 20, 2010 … Film director Roman Polanski is not the only convicted pedophile to …
trips each month to his New York home and his private Caribbean island.

http:// articles/ 2010/ 07/ 20/ jeffrey-epstein-billionaire-p edophile-goes-free.html

Disgusting: Clinton Snared In Pedophile Ring
Western Journalism
Mar 27, 2014

If Bill Clinton is in fact a pedophile, will the American people demand…
advocate do to the fact that they are the biggest child theft ring in the world i ……
Right, obviously he was going to Epstiens “fantasy island”

http:// clinton-snared-pedophile-ring /

Clinton Identified In Lawsuit Against Former Friend and PedophileMar 27, 2014 … … of the article is Disgusting: Clinton Snared In Pedophile Ring which I … the site details Clinton’s frequent visits to Epstien’s Sex slave island in …

http:// focus/ bloggers/ 3138142/ posts

Pedophile Paradise: Bill Clinton Friends Accused of Murdering …”Pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein had 21 phone numbers for Bill Clinton stored in … “One of Clinton’s good friends from the island was a woman who collected … Thread: Epstien: Sex Offender Had 21 Phone #s for Bill Clinton ….. 1, George Bush Pedophile Sex Ring and Blackmail of Congress, 15h 18m.

http:// forum1/ message2763357/ pg1

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Rob Robotikis (Fb) posts
The link for those of you who couldn’t/can’t get a chance to see her on the Today show.

Controversial anti-vaccination advocate Sherri Tenpenny joined Australia’s Today show to discuss her views and upcoming speaking engagements.

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Take note of the section “Born In Original Sin” and to the post “Slave To A Name” as they clearly explain how MAN was deceived and trapped into processing curses under the administrative control of “priests” authorised to deal with sinners (slaves processing curses). The Only Path To Freedom – Beware The False Steps by Arthur & Fiona Cristian – Love For Life – 2nd April 2014 – Link: – We are often asked for our opinion on various things happening, such as Ubuntu, and also asked for help with paperwork and about legal matters. We also get people having a go at us for pointing out the intel agents when we see them, without being able to supply any evidence that we are wrong. Some examples are as follows. This one is from South Africa. Phitey says: Hiya, In case you weren’t aware, there is a huge movement in South Africa promoting the same things that you promote. In fact, in order to be able to be heard, they have started a political party (Elections soon in May 2014). I thought that you might be interested assuming you are not already aware. Keep up the fantastic work.”Here is another example from Singapore, Flora says: “Make the system obsolete and join the #WaveOfAction this Friday. via by: Occupy Wall St.”.And then we get comments like this one: Rob said: “Research a little bit further into the people who who discredit, unless you are a wolf-in-sheeps-clothing disinfo agent to begin with… in that case, you’re doing a great job.”Darc said: “Hi Fiona and Arthur, Great website – thank you. I want to bullet proof myself as much as it is possible from the flack coming out of the system. I have done a fair amount of reading and have come to the conclusion that filing a UCC1 is the go. Also Winston Shrout said somewhere in one of his videos that there is a way to file or register things with the world courts or something that they will do for a fee. Didn’t quite get what it was – do you guys know about this process?? Thanks again Darc.”We have covered all the subjects touched on here in great detail in our Love For Life work so here we are just going over some of the main points. For those interested, we have provided a sequential list of articles, videos, etc, below, for you to dive into. Even if you do not like what we say, it is worth taking the time to dig more deeply because the information we have been sharing since 2005 is not found anywhere else. We also provide a link at the end of the list for those who want to research further, especially when it comes to information about INTEL people and PSYOP operations.This is our response……There is NO remedy to get MAN completely out of “The System” forevermore… NOTHING, they don’t have one, no different to OPPT, Thrive, Ubuntu, UCC, David Icke, Alex Jones, Max Igan, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, …..ALL are Intel scams. Ask any of these “leaders/front-liners for a copy of the remedy they have on offer that providesFREEDOMTRUTHPEACEJOYABUNDANCEDO NO HARMNO LOSS OF UNIQUENESS/ORIGINALITYNO SLAVES AND RULERSfor everyone and everything of nature/earth/MAN,without ever compromising any of these “standings”,values that EVERYONE wants/dreams for.Note: no one in positions of power, authority or has an influence over public thinking will come out in the open for all to see/hear and testify that they do not stand for this criteria or for any particular aspect of it!!!!!! These virtues of love set into motion are the ESSENTIAL NON-NEGOTIABLE criteria for Kindom/Do No Harm Communities = Paradise.The criteria must NOT BE compromised, no matter what, otherwise we end up with another version of “The System” again, which is what all the intel liars want and live-for.No matter how many times they are asked you won’t find such a remedy coming forth from them because they don’t have one which clearly shows you they are INTEL.It is clear that their plans are to con everyone unprepared/inexperienced with Kindom to enter the “Golden Age” of their engineered/self-fulfilling New World Order (NWO), all the while thinking they are getting freedom, peace, etc.We often receive emails from people telling us about new movements, such as Ubuntu, and saying that they seem to be talking about what we have been saying for years but, if you look carefully they turn into Political parties, or organisations in and of “The System” with no long term plans to be completely out of “The System” with every MAN in his/her unique image, not answerable to another MAN but taking full responsibility for his/her life.The purpose of any movement should be to set every MAN free from living under the image power of another MAN, whether through an authority or a government or Federation, etc. This is what true freedom is all about. But if you look carefully, these things creep in, often brought about as a result of organised chaos, sabotage, disruption, collapse, manipulation, deceit, organised crime, etc, caused by system lackey thugs.This includes the rape, pillage, plunder and murder plastered across the media to make us think we are not safe. But if you look around you, there are very few people who really want to harm others or take advantage of them. We have to rise above the fear and see clearly what is happening. There are usually only a very few people who are involved in violence, etc. This should not be a reason to stop living for freedom, no matter what they throw at you. If they take down one of your people, continue on. They cannot control a free MAN, only kill him/her. This is how serious we have to be because, if we are not, we will be intimidated and pulled back into slavery.These “We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us” tactics are there to make sure that any genuine peace/freedom movements do not succeed. They infiltrate them, build them up and then, just as people think that they are getting somewhere and that their message is resonating through the media and causing an uprising of people, they bring them down from within, smashing all hopes and dreams in the faces of all believers/followers saying that it can’t be done, it is too hard, too late, people can never get together, “The System” can’t be beaten, etc, etc, until our hopes and dreams are ruined and all that is left is their NWO, the next version of “The System”.Goodbye freedom.For more on this refer to this video “The Dream Of Life Part 5D – Images Of Deception – The Intelligence Agents Amongst Us – “We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us”: which references this article on Laurel Canyon: Inside The LC – The Strange But Mostly True Story Of Laurel Canyon & The Birth Of The Hippie Generation by Dave McGowan 8th May 2008: where free sex, drugs and violence was introduced into the serious freedom, truth, peace movement in America that started in the 50’s and exploding in the 60’s to derail it and have it dismissed by the majority who now associated the freedom, truth, peace message with free sex, orgies, drugs, the hippy flower power movement, etc.Don’t get caught in their nets with all these mantras. “The System” lackeys are very good at controlled opposition with the intention to whiteant, whitewash your dreams and aspirations down the line so that all you have got left is their NWO, rosy or not. The thought of peace, truth, freedom, etc, are NOT peace, truth, freedom, etc. The thought of peace, truth, freedom, etc, is the trap that keeps us needing them, keeps us enslaved, all the while our freedom seems just beyond our reach. If we were living it, we would not be protesting about the thought of it.They want our reactions, they want us to grab the bait and struggle on the hook, giving all our LIFE energy to the fishermen and their world because we are not living freedom, we are still passing the buck. When you started protesting (even before that), you gave it all up because you admitted that you are nothing without them (you have no power) and, when the dust settles, they have their people there to keep you busy and life goes on, sucking on the nipples of the private corporations of “The System”. Where is your freedom in all of this?The same goes for doing paperwork. It wasn’t pieces of paper that invaded all the lands and decimated the tribes and it won’t be pieces of paper that will set you free. It was force that invaded the lands and it is force that you are up against to get your freedom. Pieces of paper will not contain our life force energy and therefore have no power and yet in flights of fantasy, we fill them in and file them in the hope that someone, somewhere, out-there (outside of our power, the power we gave away/up) will take notice and hand us our freedom on a golden platter.Freedom is in the way we live with each other and Earth – it cannot be handed out by “authority” figures. Asking the “authorities” for freedom is just reaction to trauma, admitting that you are a slave and that there is someone out there with power over you. A free MAN would not do this. You have given your power to them because you have given up full responsibility for your life and you rely on them and their administrative services for the privileges, services and benefits that you receive from them. See our posts from February and March, 2014 for more on reaction to trauma and Image Power, Curses and Processing Curses.On Facebook yesterday, Connie posted this 25 minute video, “All One Self Governing Beings” but then took it down. In the video Elissa is reading out the work of Nicolas Jennings’ remedy to our problems. To us, it is easy to see that the future she is describing is the NWO. Why? Because there is going to be an economy in that future, and everyone is going to have their “skill” that they provide to the community (what happens if they don’t want to?) and then they will be supported by the community.Again, this is all system stuff; real freedom is when we are set free from each other, not because we do not want strong bonds and relationships with our brothers and sisters of life but because we don’t NEED each other. We give and receive because we love to give and receive. We share our homes and abundance because we want to, not because we need to or have to.Big difference.While a community is dependent on each member to do his/her “skill” we are tied to each other and need each other. While we recognise that there will be a transition period where we all need to help each other clean up the mess and grow the food and build the shelter, this is not the end of the tunnel.Any form of economy ends up needing administration…. who is going to keep track of the exchange of goods and services, of the accounting? And if there are disputes, who is going to have the power over others to resolve them? Isn’t this starting to sound more and more like “The System” with administration and authority figures?NO economy is the only good economy.If we get conned into accepting these “new” economies, we get trapped because we have to accept the administration and the authority.You are in the web and the Black Widow is running to wrap you up so she can suck out your life force energy.This is starting to sound even more like “The System”.Life is a gift and do no harm are the only guidelines we need so that all the virtues of love, the Kindom criteria, can be set into motion.When we don’t “own” anything and we give freely, we do not need a system, an economy, money, cashless society, name, self, person. When we don’t own anything, we don’t need a “name”, a “self” because there is nothing to claim, to cling to. We already have everything we need and more – why do we need to claim anything?Do we have to jump ten feet across the room to grab our next breath? Of course not, we have already got it, so why would you want to own (not let go of) your last breath or drink or meal? Obviously you would die, meaning you have given up all your power, YOUR LIFE.In the NWO you need a name, a self, because that is how they are going to mark you. It doesn’t matter if it is numeric or alpha or a mixture. If you don’t own anything and do not have anything to claim, they cannot mark you because you have already got everything and you don’t need them.There is a big difference between a name that describes the character, such as Running Water or Crooked Nose, which others use to refer to you, a name that you don’t have to make up, and a name that you claim as your own and that possesses you because you use it to claim things with, making you self-centred, as in Birth Certificate, Drivers Licence, Mortgage, Credit Card, Bank Account, Passport, etc, etc.This is how and where you get trapped.When your parents put your name on the birth certificate, you are “born in original sin” because from that point on, you are committing fraud (a sin) because you are claiming that the name on the pieces of paper and documents that tie you to “The System” are who you really are, when you are actually the living flesh and blood man or woman, not the scribbles on the paper/card. This is how they get you processing the curse. They are your administrators, the administrators of the name in “The System” that has you live a lie, process a curse.The sin is a curse, a lie is a curse. This is how they make you a slave – while you are processing the curse you are their slave under their administration. For more on this, see the article “Slave To a Name”: and watch this video: The “Name” Is The Mark Of The Beast The Strawman Identifying Your Slave Status In “The System”: you live in Kindom, everyone knows who you really are anyway – they can sense you, smell you, feel you, touch you, taste you, hear you and you are unique. You are not going to get forgotten about or ignored. It is clear who you really are.Kindom is not a political party or an organisation or a movement. It is not something you join or become a member of. Kindom is how you live. Political parties will not take you to paradise, neither will money, banks, man-made laws, courts, religions, etc, or thoughts of freedom, truth, peace, joy, abundance, kindom, paradise,…….. etc. To be in paradise you have to set paradise into motion so that you are already living in paradise in present-sense.Listen to the video and how often the word “self” keeps coming up.Either Nicholas Jennings has no idea what he is talking about or he is INTEL.Give it all up.When we let go of our last breath, we are free to take another breath, making us perpetually free to breath moment by moment. This is how we go to Kindom and remain forever in the Paradise of our co-creation.When we are conscious, we are MAN on the land, taking full responsibility for our lives and the land we are caretakers of and we are conscious of everyone else needing that too. We are not greedy for more land than we need, and we do not try to hog the “best” bits because we know that ALL of Earth is Paradise once we have repaired the damage done by ALL of us.It is all about becoming trauma free so that you are free on land and everyone else around you is free on land.Going to Occupy or performing UCC procedures will not set you free from trauma, instead you will be further embroiled in it.There seems to be no remedy to our self-centredness – in the video “self” keeps coming up, which is all based on ownership, which is reaction to trauma. In Kindom, there is no ownership. In Kindom there is no need for a name or a self because we already are.Why are we claiming for what we already are?This is the duality trap, the reflection in the mirror, the shadow that covets us, the heart of the Satanic deception.This applies to freedom – why do we need to claim our freedom when we already are free?How can a community come together and stay together peacefully and freely when everyone is self centred?It is impossible.If we don’t become free from self-centredness, we will never be free of the trauma and this is what Freemasons/Satanist WANT, because while we are reacting to trauma (chaos), we need them to keep us in order (under their order), providing for us under their “oneness glue”.Watch out – you are being tricked, conned, deceived, misled, duped. Like Hansel and Gretel, we are lured into the witches house by the sweet-tasting lollies, in this case, by the feel-good language and cosy re-writing of “The System” mechanics. They want you to be tempted by all the sweet smelling roses so that you won’t notice the lie twisting throughout.The conflicts in our “self-governing being communities” will be no different to those we experience in “The System” today, where we are all forced to claim the “name” which claims the labour, the land and the goods and services, the “values of name”. This is all self-centredness again. It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine………… now we need the “higher-authority” to sort it out.The “name” is the “self” and this is where the problem is…. we are falling for the same smoke and mirrors, thinking they are remedies. We discuss all this in great detail in our posts in February and March 2014, links provided below.Notice how there are no elections. Is this because we are free or because we are under the one permanent power, the Federation, of Oneness that rules everyone and never changes so that your whole life is lived under it, as are the lives of your children.Isn’t a permanent Federation a dream come true for those with a lust for absolute power and control over everyone and everything?Why don’t you see what other lies you can rout out and post them in the comments section below?To recoup: “All One Self Governing Beings” = NWO, a moneyless abundant “Economy” = NWO, self = NWO, self-centredness = NWO, “name”= NWO, “Oneness” = NWO, cashless economy = NWO, the world = NWO (the world is “The System, the world is not Earth/nature. When they say it is the end of the world, they are saying the end of “The System” to make way for their new version of “The System”, like the phoenix rising out of the ashes).Everyone agrees that we don’t want “The System” so we go into an “experimental stage” to see how the “world” will take shape, etc, but then, lo and behold, the problems of self-centredness (reactions to trauma) will be brought in as the rosy glow of having got rid of “The System” fades away and we will be looking around for someone to give us answers ….. enter their remedy, their Federation of oneness, of Star Trek.Goodbye freedom!Don’t forget that we are dealing with people who have been using psychologists and specialists in brainwashing for hundreds of years. Enter the Tavistock Institute, etc, with its armoury of covert control methods. They know EXACTLY how to point us in the direction they want us to go, all the while thinking that we came up with all the ideas!When the Federation kicks in, the power and control will move from covert to overt but then it will be too late. Your power is to withstand the pressure of all this and go to Kindom and don’t accept ANYTHING other than taking full responsibility for our lives, for creating do no harm communities of free men, women and children.*Note: we do not know Elissa, so this is not an attack on her, we are just scrutinising the work she is reading.We cannot co-create Kindom while we are reacting to trauma because there is no freedom in reacting to trauma.Kindom is created when we let go of our trauma, including our greed and selfishness (self-centeredness).The men and women behind “The System” and those working for them, do not show you the remedy to “The System” because they NEED you to NEED them, to react to trauma, to be fearful and doubting of your absolute power.They do not teach you about Image Power or Reaction To Trauma or “Self” or “Name” or “Self-Centredness” or “Re-Presenting Intellectual Property” or Duality, etc (refer to links below for more on this), they only show you the fantasy of the “name” on a journey to freedom through the wonderlands of Ubuntu, OPPT, UCC, sovereignty, freeman, oneness, etc, etc.This is how you are trapped, by the “name” you own (“claim”) and associate with the fantasy, none of it being who you really are and what you are really part of, all of it lies and fraud.When we let go of our trauma and ego, and self, we will be in Kindom because we will no longer be greedy and selfish and we will know how to live by the virtues of love.The NWO will not be populated by simple people who are ready to serve others; it will be populated by egos, full of greed and selfishness but covered up with the “right” mantras, looks, clothing, buzz words and beliefs.Unless we inspire people to take FULL-RESPONSIBILITY for everything they think, feel and do and start living a Kindom way of life in present-sense that meets the above criteria in everyday practical sense, as an ongoing walk-the-talk demonstration of Kindom that never ends, we are all going to end up either going bush or killed or forced into the NWO, the next “feel good”, “feel god”, “cosmic, galactic, spiritual, oneness consciousness” version of “The System”.Rallying as in “Occupy” is NOT a remedy because in doing so no one is living Kindom in present-sense. The men and women behind “The System” are not your masters so why are you asking them for freedom? A free MAN doesn’t have to ask anyone for freedom. He/she already is free.In Occupy, all we have are men and women (and innocent children) reacting to trauma, clearly demonstrating that they have leaders/masters and are slaves asking their slave-masters to take responsibility to improve their slavery conditions without them ever opting out of being a slave. If they did, they would be taking FULL-RESPONSIBILITY to walk-the-talk of Kindom in everyday-practical-sense. They would be withdrawing as much of their energy (lives) as possible from “The System”, including withdrawing from protests, occupies, revolutions, political/social/environmental demonstrations, and directing their LIFE-energy into growing organic food forest & vege gardens around Do No Harm Communities/Kindoms.We need skills to grow organic food and build each other’s houses and the only way to get those skills is to practice them, day after day after day after day……… If you want to grow a garden, start growing a garden because that is how you will learn. In the same way, we learn to live free, to live peace, to live truth, to live joy, to live abundance, to live do no harm, to live no loss of uniqueness/originality, to live no slaves and rulers, becoming skilled through every day practice,…………. BUT with Occupy this ain’t the case.While we Occupy the cities, we are not learning how to live without “The System” so that we can be free; all we are doing is learning how to Occupy and practicing living as an Occupy member, still completely reliant on “The System” for food, power, water, sewerage, etc. Almost everyone doing Occupy, Thrive, Ubuntu, Zeitgeist, OPPT, Oneness, etc, etc, if not all of them, is still completely plugged into (contracted to) “The System” for electricity, gas, petrol, oil, telephone, internet, car registration, drivers license, rent, lease, mortgage payments, passport, food from supermarkets, etc, water from local council/private corporations, bank accounts and credit cards and is paying taxes, rates, interest payments, fees, etc, etc………All the occupiers are demonstrating is that THEY ARE ALL SLAVES and that’s it, that is the reality.Time to take the rose coloured glasses off.While they are reacting to trauma by doing Occupy, Thrive, Ubuntu, OPPT, etc, etc…… they are feeding “The System” (the beast) with all their life-force-energy because that is where it is all going. None of their LIFE-energy is directed away from “The System”, into creating freedom for those around you. No one is learning how to be free, how to live peacefully with other men, women and children, how to create joy and abundance for all.Their life-force-energy is most definitely not going to Kindom/Do No Harm Communities because if it was, there would be no one turning up at Occupy, Thrive, OPPT, Ubuntu, etc etc…… .as they would be too busy growing organic food-forest vege gardens, co-creating shelter for each other on land with clean running water for all of their community so that they can have it too in present-sense, here and now.And they would be free from outside interference, from Councils enforcing regulations that put holes in the dream of Kindom, leaching the life force energy back into the corporations of “The System”. While we are still connected to “The System”, most of what we create is pulled back into “The System”, leaving us with the crumbs, just as we almost all are now, including those who go to Occupy and who are reading this post.When ALL people stop buying Nestle products, Nestle will crash and be no more. It is the same with “The System”. Best we turn our backs on “The System” and start focusing all our life-force-energy on co-creating Kindoms in present-sense.Freedom, truth, peace, joy, abundance………… etc, comes with FULL-RESPONSIBILITY – the criteria for Kindom will never happen and will always be at arms length when we operate under LIMITED-RESPONSIBILITY/LIABILITY because when we do so, we are passing-the-buck of Kindom and going to Occupy & Ubuntu rallies, OPPT meetings, Thrive talks, etc, etc, all the while still practicing being slaves.Only slaves think about freedom – freemen and women do not have to think about freedom because they live it, they are it. They are not the horses looking over the fence thinking that the grass is greener over there.What do you think happens to all the men and women at Occupy when the day/s for performing Occupy, etc…… over????????Everyone goes back to their jobs, internet, homes, etc, to continue acting as slaves in “The System”; they have not gone home to their Kindoms because they do not exist !!!!!!Does Kindom sound too hard? To difficult to achieve? Do you think you can’t do it? We can do anything when we set our brains to it and when we have the intention to make it happen no matter what BUT, we have to stop being self-centred and get together in all our spare hours day-after-day-after-day-after-day to grow food together, get water tanks, work out ways to unplug from the grid, set up our own sewerage compost systems and work on the bonds between us, no matter our backgrounds and beliefs.Unless we are committed to seeing life as a gift and out of that building each others gardens and homes and helping each other so that we are strong together, nothing will happen. We will always be reliant on “The System”, whatever its guise, because we will still be separated and divided, still looking after number 1, still chasing our in-divide-u-all dreams and still self-centred.Everyday that goes past and you are coming home to “The System” rather than to Kindom, you have nothing because everything of “The System” is fantasy, illusion and delusion and you are deluded if you think that anything real and living can come out of system thought.You can do all the paperwork you like, do all the legal work you want, do Occupy as much as you want, drop out as much as you want, but if you are not putting your LIFE-energy into creating Kindom for those around you so that you can enjoy it too, you have nothing and you are still just a slave, a cog in “The System”.You were “born” into “The System” (Original Sin) and you will “die” in “The System” and Earth will still be dying and “The System” will still be in control, disguising your days of slavery with meaningless entertainment to keep you blind and distracted.If you are not creating remedy, you are waiting for others to create that dream for you. You are not taking full responsibility and you are on an ego trip, pursuing your selfish desires, rather than letting go of your pride and your rebellion and your reactions to trauma and mucking in with everyone to co-create Kindom.While you focus on my freedom, my truth, etc, you are not changing “The System” because “The System” is all about self-centredness. You are not bringing your dream of Kindom into everyday practical sense – you are still under limited liability because you are going to others and asking them to do it for you, to provide almost everything for you (if not everything). You go to occupy because you don’t want to take the FULL-responsibility to live it yourself so you go to others to ask for freedom.If you are not working on how to get out of “The System”, not co-creating those gardens with others in all your spare time, you are still an island, an in-divide-u-all, still on an ego trip, locked into “The System” because the ego can only exist in “The System”.If you think that it doesn’t matter what happens here because you are going to heaven in the “after-life”, do you really think that your God is going to let you into heaven after you have trashed the paradise he gave to you? Do you not think God wants to see you taking full responsibility for where you are living now before God lets you into the other world, so God can be sure that you will take full responsibility for your behaviour in Heaven?Can your God trust you? Do you think that the creator who gave you free will is going to take it all away by wiping out all your sins, showing that you are nothing but a puppet on a string? Would God take away your full responsibility for your life when God means full responsibility? If we are created in God’s likeness then we should be taking full responsibility, just as God does.Would God want men and women who have wrecked Earth, poisoned their bodies, killed and harmed their brothers and sisters, caused constant cruelty to all the creatures on Earth, thought up countless inventions that do immense harm to life, sat back and watched as children are abused, been judgemental, critical, dishonest and lazy? If this is who is let into heaven, what is going to become of heaven? Is it not going to become exactly like “The System”? If our children make a huge mess in the house, don’t we expect them to clean it up before they go and visit their friends?Freedom is not sitting in a chair in front of a keyboard tapping away, as we are doing now. When you wake up and go to make breakfast in the kitchen, you are still plugged into the contracts of “The System”. There is no freedom in that. You cannot be free one moment and not the next. In “The System”, choice is often mistaken for freedom but they are not the same.In Australia, with limitations according to your finances, you can choose where to live, what job to do, what entertainment to like, what clothes to wear, what car to drive, etc, but all your choices are being provided for you by other slaves and not one of them is unique and original to you. And it is your slaving that provides choices for other slaves, even if you are on government handouts because you are still spending the money, the currency of the curse, in the service stations and the supermarkets and the pub, keeping slaves slaving to provide for your choices.When we give up who we are to live under limited liability, we are accepting the curse of living that way, of being slaves in a system of curses. This is the dream we believe in and live for because, if we lived for the dream of freedom, peace, truth, etc, for ALL, we would no longer live as slaves in a system of slavery. We would already be living as free men and women, taking full responsibility for our lives.When we are clear in our intention and fully conscious of the dream of Kindom that we are creating, as if the dream were a bubble in our hand and all our energy is focused on that dream, we are realising the dream in present sense. And then if we realise that the dream is not a bubble but is all around us, living and conscious in present sense here and now, then we are living do no harm lives, giving freely of our life force energy to the dream because we know that life is a gift.If you want your freedom you have to get outside the walls of your ego and start forming real bonds and relationships with people who are prepared to work together with you to build do-no-harm Kindoms, instead of sitting behind the computer screen or going to Occupy before catching the train back home to System life.Our real power comes through Community Immunity where harm done to one is harm done to all and we stand together against whatever harm anyone wants to throw at us. When we truly live like this, we are unbeatable. It is “The System” that has taught us not to trust each other and to remain divided and aloof from each other. This is the brainwashing we have to undo. When we work together, we become the wind under each others wings, taking us all to freedom.You, the reader, if this lives for you, the responsibility lies with you to spread it around. Don’t rely on those on internet radio, on the leaders of the freedom truth movement, on politicians or priests, etc. None of them live for this because they all live for the continuation of “The System”.We have been sharing this Steps of Kindom remedy since 2006/75:, with a few improvements here and there. Why are we never invited to discuss it by the big names who push Thrive, Ubuntu, the OPPT, etc? In our present circumstances, isn’t anything worth having a look at? Especially a remedy that gives practical, everyday steps to getting out of “The System”, to living freedom, peace, joy, etc, forevermore?Those out front may be talking about freedom for all, but you don’t see them living for it, fighting for it no matter what. Don’t rely on Santos Bonacci, Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, Michael Tellinger, Michael Tsarion, Benjamin Fulford, Alex Jones, Robert Arthur Menard, Mary Croft, Dean Clifford, George Green, etc, etc, etc, etc, to pass this message on. If it lives for you, start taking full responsibility for making it happen and getting it out there.All the bestArthur & Fiona CristianLove For Life——————————For those new to our Love For Life work, below is an extract from a recent email we sent containing many other emails including a sequential order of a list of videos, articles, etc, we highly recommend you watch and read.We ask you to NOT believe anything we say/share and instead use scrutiny like an intense blow torch and go where the logic of truth/sense takes you. This is very, very important. Put everything you believe up to the test of scrutiny to see how it stacks up. If you are true to your heart/senses and go where the logic of truth/sense takes you will find that NO belief, etc, will stand up to the test of scrutiny. They just do not stack up because they are lies/fraud.After you have watched and read all the material and any questions are left unanswered, send us your landline number and we will use the internet phone as a free unlimited call. We are on Sydney NSW Australia time. Best times for us to chat are between 11.00am and 6.00pm.It is critical that you fully comprehend Image Power, “Spelling”, Trauma, Reaction To Trauma, Curses, Processing Curses, Full-Responsibility/Liability, Limited Liability/Responsibility (passing-the-back), Slavery, Senses/Sense vs Non-Sense/Senses, Re-Presenting Intellectual Property such as but not limited to “Name”, Storytelling/Storytellers, Duality, Black-Magic, Belief, Lies, “i”, All Seeing “i” (eye), etc….. These themes and others are covered over and over and over again.If you do not comprehend these insights and are unable to use your senses to sense your way through all the non-sense/non-sensory-images that enslave MAN under their image power (darkness = “The System” = Hell), men and women will remain deeply trapped under a terrible state of trauma. Our intention is to inspire you to remedy by showing you how to move away from reacting to trauma in all its nefarious and devious forms.Sequential OrderThe Dream Of Life Part 6Under The Spell Of Intellectual PropertyArthur Cristian – Love For Life19th April 2014 – 51 Minutes 52 Seconds “Name” Is The Mark Of The BeastThe Strawman IdentifyingYour Slave Status In “The System”By Arthur Cristian – Love For Life5th February 2012 – 56 Minutes 25 Seconds POWERThe Nefarious Tactics UsedTo Disguise Truth And Distract UsFrom RemedyArthur & Fiona CristianLove For Life24th January 2014This post contains many recent Facebook commentsand email replies which collectively provides a big pictureinto exposing the deception behind IMAGE POWER. 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