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Australian Jesuit PM initiates no vaccination no rebate edict



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Making history! Invasion Day protest in Melbourne

Socialist Alternative


(Photo: Emerson Tung)

Making history!
Invasion Day protest in Melbourne takes over the Australia Day parade.

Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land!

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The Rise Of The 4th Reich Australia Inc & Its Corporate Government Fascist New World Order Agenda

Fascism / is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. Influenced by national syndicalism, the first fascist movements emerged in Italy around World War I, combining more typically right-wing positions with elements of left-wingpolitics, in opposition to communism, socialism, liberal democracy and traditional conservatism.

Although fascism is usually placed on the far righton the traditional left–right spectrum, fascists themselves and some commentators have argued that the description is inadequate.

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The Guardian
Victoria’s anti-protest laws pass lower house by one vote

Controversial new laws give police powers to disperse protests and arrest people for breaching a move-on orders.


Thousands protested in Melbourne on Tuesday against the proposed new police powers. Photograph: Joe Castro/AAP ImageMichael Safi

Controversial new laws giving police unprecedented powers to disperse protests have passed Victoria’s lower house.The summary offences and sentencing amendment bill passed by one vote on Thursday afternoon, and will now go to the upper house, the Legislative Council, for approval.The laws will allow police to issue move-on directions, in which a person or group is ordered to leave a particular area or cease an action, on a range of new grounds.“Impeding lawful access to premises”, “causing others to have a reasonable fear of violence”, and “engaging in behaviour likely to cause damage to property” can all result in a move-on direction under the changes.The amendments also beef up the penalty for breaching a move-on order, currently a fine totalling $500, to potential arrest.A spokesman for Victoria’s Coalitiongovernment said in a statement the laws were designed to “end unlawful union pickets and protester blockades that threaten to shut down businesses”.